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Weekly Facebook Fan Favorite Free Pattern


Another week done with some great segments  over on Facebook… If you haven’t tuned in yet, make sure you head over to my Facebook Page and check it out… Each day I host a segment called…

“Would you wear this? Would you make it? Tell me what you think… Here is the free pattern link if you like it…”


I scout out great free crochet patterns and feature a different one each day… At the end of the week I add up the total views, likes, comments and shares to find out which segment is the weekly “Fan Facebook Favorite”….


This weeks winner was a big win…I originally found the pattern a couple of years ago and made it several times… Every one loved it then and this week was no different!  So here is your winner…

burg bag

This great bag is called a Norstrom Crochet Hobo Bag by Dao Lam…. It is easy to make and if you choose to make it,,,, You will get tons of complements!  I made mine in Cream and lined it to finish it off… Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of my finished purse… It was Pre Blogging… To get the free pattern follow this link to Ravelry and get started….  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nordstrom-crochet-hobo-bag


Coming soon… I will be releasing my Soft and Stylish Cowl Pattern later this week,,, Just in time for the seasons changing… The pattern will be Free for a limited time as a way of thanking all my friends that join  me here at Beatrice Ryan Designs…  Also, Shortly I will be releasing my pattern for Sadie,,, The 1920’s inspired hat…  So stay tuned


Don’t forget to stop by Facebook and cast you votes for the Fan Favorite… Just like, comment or share your favorites each day, then tune in here each Wednesday to find out the winner!!!


So here is to Fan Favorites, Great Purses, and Free Patterns….




  1. Oh la la! Glad I’m your friend to get the pattern for free! Can’t wait!

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