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Free Crochet Patterns, Welcome!  I hope you enjoy the available items,,, Check back often for New Free Crochet Patterns and Designs

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Latest Free Pattern:

Easy Elegant Shawl

More Free Patterns!!

My Favorite Yarn Tote


Snow Peak Scarf                   My Favorite Cat Blanket  


Easy Pumpkin Dishcloth      Apache Tears Dishcloth



Simple Chevron Dishcloth     Easy V-Puff Dishcloth


Simple Cluster Dishcloth       Easy Cat Dishcloth


Optical Illusion Dishcloth         Autumn Acorn Dishcloth

        Autumn Acorn Dishcloth

Bavarian Stitch Dishcloth        Alpine Stitch Dishcloth

            Alpine Stitch Dishcloth


Waffle Stitch Textured Dishcloth      Summer Squiggles Dishcloth


Amazing Grace Wrist Warmers          Easy Summer Stripes Afghan

Amazing Grace Crochet Wrist Warmers                        Moss Stitch Crochet Afghan

Sunset Butterflies Shawl                            Mariposa Prairie Bag

Crochet Shawl                           Crochet Market Bag

Grandma’s Dbl Thick Potholder Style 1-2   Simple Squiggle Beanie

Crochet Potholder                Crochet Hat/Beanie


Princess in Pink Baby Blanket                       Amazing Grace Pocket ShawlCrochet Baby Blanket Afghan          Amazing Grace Crochet Pocket Shawl

Aurora Boreal Bag   Amazing Grace Pretty in Pink Poncho  Free Crochet Pattern Tote Bag             Amazing Grace Crochet Shawl

      Crazy Daze Bag                Loops & Chains Super Scrubby

Crochet tote bag              Crochet Dishcloth

Scraptastic Ottoman

Crochet ottoman                   Crochet ottoman

Eye of the Storm Square

Crochet Eye of the Storm Square             Crochet Eye of the Storm Square

Country Bright Rug                 Brighten My Day Coaster

Crochet Country Rug                    

Soft & Chic Beanie                    Beautifully Bright Shawl

Crochet Beanie               Crochet Shawl

Soft & Chic Headband              Sunset Garden Shawl

crochet headband               Crochet Shawl

Two Tone Chunky Wave Scarf     Summer Circus Square

Crochet Scarf








Twirly Whirly Baby Blanket         Hug a Friend Square



Sweetwater Infinity Scarf         Take A Hike Headband


Berry Blitz Head Band                   Super Simple Scarf


Berry Blitz Infinity Scarf         Mountain Sunset Shawl


Winter Walk Shawl             Wildwood Waves Cowl


Wildwood Waves Hat                       Easy Fall Blanket



 Simply Shells Scarf               Amazing Grace Lace Scarf



Coffee & Cream Poncho      Amazing Grace Angel Wing Shawl 



Thick & Quick Round Bumpy Scrubby  Orange Squeeze In/Out-Door Rug



Summer Stripe Tote Bag       Lazy Daze Lawn Chair Cover


Chenille Chevron Baby Blanket     Sweet Summer Coaster 



Irish Pub Shawl                         Coral and Stones Square




     Boreal Bun Hat                           Mittens for Mommy



Amazing Grace Simple Slouchy       Green Tea Scarf



Sweet Sunset Baby Blanket                 Evermore Wrap


Touch of Teal Afghan                     Ziggidy Zag Summer Square


Mountain Streams Baby Blanket         Fades of Purple Shawl 


Lucky Green Amazing Grace Shawl       Winter Tide Beanie



Winterberry Warm-up Cowl       Denim Diva Boot Cuff’s

Winterberry Warm-Up Cowl... Free Crochet Pattern                            Denim Diva Boot Cuff's... Free Crochet Pattern!!

Snowboarders Slouchy Hat     Snowy Mountain Beanie

snowboarders-slouchy-hat-free-crochet-pattern                   snowy-mountain-beanie

Steel Ridge Beanie                         Steel Ridge Wristlet’s

steele-ridge-beanie-free-crochet-pattern                     steel-ridge-wristlets-free-crochet-pattern

Amazing Grace Twisted Headband Amazing Grace Saturday Super Scarf

amazing-grace-twisted-headband-free-crochet-headband-pattern                       amazing-grace-super-saturday-scarf

Sugar Wheel Baby Blanket           Amazing Grace Baby Cocoon

sugar-wheel-baby-blanket-free-crochet-pattern                        amazing-grace-baby-cocoon

September Jewel Super Scarf      September Jewel Slouchy Hat

september-jewel-super-scarf-free-pattern                                   september-jewel-slouchy-hat-free-crochet-pattern

Winter Walk Headband                         Winter Walk Beanie

Winter Walk Headband... Free Crochet Pattern!!                        winter-walk-beanie-free-crochet-pattern


Amazing Grace Bathing Suit Wrap     Festival of Fall Square

Amazing Grace Bathing Suit Wrap... Free Crochet Pattern!!                         Festival of Fall Square... Free Crochet Pattern!

Victorian Pillow Cover                   Chiffon Soiree Shawl

Victorian Pillow Cover Christmas                     Chiffon Soiree Shawl... Free Crochet Pattern


Blue Bell Teething Lovely  Patriotic Summertime Placemat

Blue Bells Teething Lovely... Free Crochet Pattern                    Patriotic Summertime Placemat... Free Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Ridges Can Cozy         Rainbow Ridges Jar Cozy

Rainbow Ridges Can Cozy... Free Pattern                       Rainbow Ridges Jar Cozy... Free Crochet Pattern


Amazing Grace Blissful Summer Hat   Teatime Placemat

Amazing-Grace Blissful Summer Hat                        Tea Time Placemat... Free Crochet Pattern!

Cheery Kitchen Scrubby’s                         Northwest Beaches Tote Bag

Cheery Kitchen Scrubby's - 3 Free Crochet Patterns                   Northwest Beaches Tote Bag... Free Crochet Pattern

Amazing Grace Simple Spring Wrap     Frog Pond Baby Blanket

Amazing Grace Spring Crochet Wrap... Free Pattern                        Frog Pond Baby Blanket... Free Crochet Pattern

Amazing Grace Boot Cuffs                 Rainbow Dash Tote Bag

Amazing Grace Boot Cuffs        Rainbow Dash Tote Bag.. Free Pattern


Amazing Grace Chunky Crochet Cowl     Cherished Moments Scarf

Amazing Grace Chunky Crochet Cowl                Charished Moments Scarf


Wonderful Winter Infinity Scarf             Simply Shells Slouchy Beanie

Wonderful Winter Infinity Scarf                                 Simply Shells Slouch Beanie

Whimsical Warmth Headband               Whimsical Warmth Headband Version II

Whimsical Warmth Headband                                  Whimsical Warmth Headband Version II

Children’s Whimsical Warmth Beanie   Ladies Whimsical Warmth Beanie

Whimsical Warmth Childrens Hat                                  Ladies Whimsical Warmth Beanie - Cream

Amazing Grace Summer Shawl              Ombre Ridges Scarf

Amazing Grace Summer Shawl                                  Ombre Ridges Scarf

Granny’s Shining Star Square               Thick & Quick Bumpy Scrubby

Granny's Shining Star                                   Thick and Quick Bumpy Scrubby

Summer Day’s Baby Blanket                    Rainbow Burst Reversible Granny Square

Summer Day's Baby Blanket ...                                   Rainbow Burst Square

Sands of Time Scarf                                 Retro Summertime Rug

Sands of Time Scarf                                Retro Summertime Rug

Granny’s Circle in Square                     Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves

Granny's Circle in Square Pink                                  Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern

Effortless Chic Poncho                                Wintertide Headband

Effortless Poncho Free Pattern                                      Wintertide Headband Free Pattern

Queen’s Cowl                                                Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie

Queens Cowl                                      Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie

Mountain Berry Beanie                                     Northern Nights Scarf

Mountain Berry Beanie                                     Northern Nights Scarf 2

Block Party Infinity Scarf                                      Effortless Chic Headband

Block Party Infinity Scarf                                   headband


Winter’s Edge Scarf                                                Amazing Grace Infinity Scarf

  Winters Edge Scarf                                    Amazing Grace Infinity Scarf


Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie                         Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie solid                                             Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy


Amazing Grace Baby Blanket                              Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket

Amazing Grace Baby Blanket           Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket Free Pattern

 Sunshine and Shells Summer Crochet Hat                   Midnight Breeze Shawl

     Sunshine and Shells Summer Crochet Hat                                          Midnight Breeze Shawl


Amazing Grace Tote Bag                                          Amazing Grace Summer Crochet Coaster Set

Amazing Grace Tote
                                          Amazing Grace Coaster Set


Amazing Grace Spa Trio                              Simple Summertime Crochet Earrings

Trio                             Simple Summertime Earrings


Shells and Bobbles Fingerless Gloves                     Winter’s Twist Headband

Fingerless Glove Collage                     winters twist collage


Amazing Grace Snoodie                                         Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl

PicMonkey Collage snoodie                             Amazing Grace Shawl Collage Watermark


 Amazing Grace Hat                                                 Amazing Grace Headband

 Amazing Grace Hat Collage waatermark                     Headband collage watermark


Rainbow Rachael Doll                       Sunshine & Shells Baby Cocoon and Hat Set

wpid-IMG_20131204_091005_467.jpg                                       Sunshine and Shells Cocoon and Hat Set..


Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy                                         Chains and Flower Scarf

Twisted Stitches collage watermark                       wpid-IMG_20130814_085815_759.jpg


 Soft and Stylish Cowl                            Totally Triangle Dishcloth

  Cowl collage watermark                                  Totally Triangle Dishcloth... Free Crochet Pattern




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