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The Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series

~Amazing Grace Crochet Patterns are dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb. Sandra and I were childhood friends and inseparable until the end. We shared our lives in so many ways, marriages, births of our children, tragedies and more good times than anyone could ever ask for.   Sandra passed away in 2007  from Breast Cancer.  This was a devastating loss and spurred my passion for Breast Cancer Awareness!  At the age of 43 Sandra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the same disease that took her mother’s life many years earlier and claimed Sandra’s life in less than 2 years. Also Dedicated to my beautiful mother… Virginia Eleanor Ramshaw who survived the actual breast cancer twice in her 80’s, but passed away at the age of 89 in October 2019 when the cancer finally traveled to her liver.

My Dearest Friend Sandy and I as young women

My Mom- Virginia Eleanor Ramshaw

Amazing Grace Crochet Patterns are designed to comfort cancer patients as they are treated and recovering from this or any disease!! Please pay it forward by donating items made from these patterns to help someone afflicted by this disease.

I hope you also enjoy making them for yourselves, for gifts and spreading the word about Breast Cancer Awareness by sending other crocheter’s to my site to build Awareness and a Charitable Community!

Amazing Grace Wrist Warmers

Amazing Grace Pocket Shawl

Amazing Grace Pretty in Pink Poncho

Amazing Grace Lace Scarf

Amazing Grace Saturday Super Scarf

Amazing Grace Angel Wing Shawl   

Lucky Green Amazing Grace Shawl          Amazing Grace Simple Slouchy


Amazing Grace Baby Cocoon                  Amazing Grace Twisted Headband

amazing-grace-baby-cocoon                  amazing-grace-twisted-headband-free-crochet-headband-pattern

Amazing Grace Blissful Summer Hat     Amazing Grace Bathing Suit Wrap

Amazing-Grace Blissful Summer Hat       Amazing Grace Bathing Suit Wrap... Free Crochet Pattern!!

Amazing Grace Boot Cuffs                      Amazing Grace Simple Summer Wrap

Amazing Grace Boot Cuffs       Amazing Grace Spring Crochet Wrap... Free Pattern

Amazing Grace Summer Shawl           Amazing Grace Chunky Crochet Cowl

Amazing Grace Summer Shawl                Amazing Grace Chunky Crochet Cowl

Amazing Grace Infinity Scarf              Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves

Amazing Grace Infinity Scarf        Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie          Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie solid                              Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy

Amazing Grace Tote Bag                             Amazing Grace Baby Blanket

Amazing Grace Tote       Amazing Grace Baby Blanket

Amazing Grace Hat                      Amazing Grace Headband

aghat                    Amazing Grace Headband

Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl                   Amazing Grace Summer Coaster Set

Amazing Grace Shawl Collage                        Amazing Grace Coaster Set

Amazing Grace Spa Trio                      Amazing Grace Snoodie 

Trio                          Snoodie

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