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Wednesday Facebook Fan Favorite… Week 20 (And a crochet funny)


new year


New year, new beginnings…  So much to look forward to and hope for in the upcoming year!  One thing that we can remember from last year is our Facebook Fan Favorite… That is because this weeks fan favorite was from just a few days ago!  It is perfect for starting off this year if you decide to make it…It looks soft and cozy… Easy to make and the colors are gorgeous!!  It is a beautiful Vintage Style Scarf designed by Veggie Mamma  and if you have a chance to stop by her website she has tons of great posts about food, family and crochet!!!!  Click here to get the Free Pattern!


grey scarf

Vintage Style Scarf


The other day I promised you  a story that would keep you laughing through the new year… So here we go!!!

A few days ago when I was trying so hard to finish up my last project for 2013… The beautiful “Peacock Doily”,,, I was counting away,,,Trying to decide when to take a break from my stitching and clean up the house…   I was chatting online with my dear friend Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs….  We were typing away back and forth having a great time talking about crochet, family, our Christmas and what our plans were for the upcoming year…

I finished a round of the doily and laid it out on my area rug to see how it looked… I then decided to get something to drink and return to my laptop to chat with Kathy and crochet…  But… I got slightly distracted with the dishes in the sink,,, So I cleaned the kitchen… Then I realized I needed to tell Kathy something-So back to the laptop…  As I was sitting talking with her my youngest daughter text me and said she was on her way home with her friends… Well yes… It was a Saturday and I wasn’t dressed yet…So I hopped up and got dressed,,, Then decided I better vacuum really quick before they came home…

My mind was now racing with all I needed to do… Vacuum,,, Tell Kathy more things… Laundry,,,Pick up some milk,,, Cook dinner,,, and yes,,,,Finish my final 2013 project… So I was feeling a little spun out as I began vacuuming and the girls walked in the door…  I greeted them and they all trailed into her room… Trying to hurry to get done with everything,,, All I could think of was how  to be done with the cleaning and tell Kathy a few more things and sit down to crochet…

And it happened… The sound of something being slurped up into the vacuum that shouldn’t be slurped up!!… Yep,,, The doily that I was trying to finish was now in the brush of the vacuum along with several yards of the thread that had been unwound and slurped up too!!!!  I stood just for a moment as things flashed through my mind...like  it being ruined… broken … shredded...  I gently pulled it out and Yippee… It was OK… Only a half of row had been ripped out by my vacuum and the thread broke a few yards down the line…  I started laughing and realized I had kept Kathy hanging in our conversation… I rushed back to my laptop laughing so hard and trying to type what had just happened…  Kathy started laughing so hard with me… we both could hardly type…

Yep… This is the life of a Crochet-a-holic…  To many projects and not enough time…  It was perfect to have Kathy with me when all this happened… We are two peas in a  pod and I knew right away when I told her what happened she would picture it perfectly in her mind and we could laugh together!!!!  I hope you are laughing too!!!!  As you know I finished the doily and everything turned out fine… What a way to end the year in Crochet!!!


Happy New Year… Elena







  1. Loved your Saturday story. Sounds so familiar, like when my kids were growing up. I couldn’t help but giggle out loud as I thought “Been there, done that”! All except the vacuum. I’ve never almost lost a project to a hungry vacuum cleaner. I have lost them to an ex-husband who would hide them or throw away my patterns and hooks. Of course, this is one of the reasons he’s an EX-husband now. Have a better Saturday this week.

  2. Ooh thank you so much for including my pattern! It’s such a nice, easy project. I shall be extra-cautious around vacuum cleaners, too haha!

  3. The Purple Poncho

    Very funny Elena, glad your project wasn’t harmed, it’s beautiful! Happy New Year.

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