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Sunshine and Shells Baby Cocoon & Hat Set-Free Pattern

Sunshine and Shells Baby Cocoon & Hat Set-Free Pattern

Happy Tuesday! Finally, I got this pattern together to add to my FREE PATTERN library!  Super sweet and soft, these baby cocoons will swaddle a baby perfectly!  I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Sunshine and Shells Baby Cocoon & Hat Set

Sunshine and Shells Cocoon and Hat Set..

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Size:                      Newborn-3 Months

Materials:            Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn- 2 Skeins, 5 oz each or any soft worsted weight yarn desired.     

                              Crochet Hook, Size H or hook to obtain proper gauge

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Abbreviations:                       Ch-Chain              Sc-Single Crochet            Dc-Double Crochet          St-Stitch


Beginning Shell Pattern:      Ch 3, Skip 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts.

Shell Pattern:                         Dc in St, Skip 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next st, Skip next 2 Sts.

Gauge:                                     3”x 3” Shell Pattern Swatch = 2 Shell repeats x 5 Rows.


Note: Pattern is worked in the round and all joining stitches are joined to the beginning stitch.


Cocoon 24” x 18”

Make a Magic Ring.

Row 1: Ch 2 (Does not count as a stitch now and throughout), 12 Dc in Magic Ring, Join to beginning Dc. Pull Tail to tighten ring. = 12 Dc

Row 2: Ch 2, 2 Dc in each St around, Join to beginning. = 24 Dc

Row 3:  Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next St*, Repeat **around, Join. = 36 Dc.

Row 4: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 2 Sts*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 48 Dc

Row 5: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 3 Sts*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 60 Dc

Row 6: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 4 Sts *, Repeat ** around, Join. = 72 Dc

Row 7: Ch 2, * 2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 5 Sts*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 84 Dc

Row 8: Chain 3 (Counts as 1st Dc now and  throughout), Skip next 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts (Beginning Shell Pattern made), *Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts* Shell Pattern Made, Repeat** 13 times. Join to the top of Ch 3. = 14 Shell Pattern Repeats (including Beginning Shell Pattern).

Rows 9 – 31: Repeat row 8.

Row 32-33:  Ch 1 Sc around = 84 Sc

Row 34: Ch 1, *Sc in 4 Sts, Ch 3, Sc in same St (Picot Made)* Repeat Around, Join. Finish Off and Weave in ends  = 21 Picot



Hat   13” Circumference

Make Magic Ring

Row 1: Ch 1,  Sc 8 in Ring. Join. = 8 Sc

Row 2: Ch1, Sc in 1st St,* 3 Dc in next St, Sc in next St*. Repeat ** around, Join. = 4 sc, 4 Dc Clusters.

Row 3: Ch 3, Skip St, 5 Dc in next St, Skip St (Beginning Shell Pattern Made),* Dc in next St, Skip St, 5 Dc in next St, Skip St ( Shell Pattern Made)*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 4 Shell Pattern Repeats.

Row 4: Ch 3,  Skip 1 St,* 3 Dc in next  St, 1 Dc in next St, 3 Dc in next  St, Skip St ◊, Dc in next  St, Skip St*. Repeat ** around 4 times ending at ◊, Join. = 4 Repeats.

Row 5: Ch 3, Skip St,*5 Dc in next St, Skip St, Dc in next St, Skip St*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 8 Shell Pattern Repeats.

Row 6: Ch 3,* Skip 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip 2 Sts, Dc in next St* Repeat Around, Join. = 8 Shell Pattern Repeats

7.-9: Repeat Row 6

Row 10: Ch 1, Sc in each st around, Join.

Row 11: Ch 1 Turn, Sc in each around, Join. (This is the only round you turn)

Row 12: Ch 1, Reverse Sc in each St around, Join. Finish off and weave in ends.

Congratulations… You now have a beautiful Sunshine and Shells Cocoon Set!!

Sunshine & Shells Cocoon Set-White... Free Pattern Sunshine & Shells Cocoon Set... Free Pattern

Happy Crocheting!!



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  1. Beautiful cocoon pattern. I crochet cocoons & donate to the local hospital before the holidays & I just found a pattern I’ve wanted for quite a while. Thanks for sharing as I tried several places to get a nice shell pattern but all I got was no to sharing. As I’m on SS I can’t afford the books. Will drop by again-Sherry

  2. That will be prefect for my new great grand daughter that will be for Christmas.

  3. Hi Beatrice, I have started your cacoon pattern. I have done the first row of shells. So, I am starting row 9. I am unsure as to how to start that row. Looking at your picture, it looks like all the shells are lined up in each row. So, how do I start that next row.

  4. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this
    blog. I really hope to see the same high-grade
    content by you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to
    get my very own blog now 😉

  5. My base is a little larger than 18″. Do you think that will be a problem?

  6. Beautiful pattern, Beatrice. What do the diamond symbols in the pattern mean? I’m not familiar with them. Also, if the pattern is worked in the round, where you have written “Rows” do you mean rounds or is the pattern a combination of rounds and rows?

    • The diamond is a symbol used as a reference point… you can see the diamond in the row in the directions…. then the directions tell you to repeat from * * and end at the diamond… so you will end the row at that reference point.

      as far as “Rows” yes they are rows worked in the round. I always use Row terminology and dont say “Round 1” I prefer to use The Standard which is “Row 1” and indicate that it is worked in the round.

  7. Thank you for your quick response! I’m planning on making the cocoon and hat for my first grandchild, a girl.

  8. Hi, Beatrice,

    I’ve crocheted the 31 rows (repeating row 8), but the length of my cocoon only measures about 16 inches. The circumference is almost 20 inches. The pattern says the cocoon is 24 inches long by 18 inches circumference. Should I just keep crocheting rows until I reach almost 24 inches before I start the picot finishing? I really don’t want to start over.

    Thanks a bunch.

  9. I do a lot of crocheting for charity and have used many of your patterns; they are all beautiful. You have a beautiful heart for sharing all your patterns and I like the idea of Amazing Grace. God bless you with continued inspiration for us all. Thank you

  10. I absolutely love this pattern. I love the hat. I was wondering if you had this pattern available for other sizes?

  11. Thank you for the wonderful Pattern look forward to making this.

  12. Dear Beatrice,
    Thanks so much for the pattern. I have done a great number of cocoons as baby gifts. I always include 2 cocoons (different patterns) and 2 matching hats as well as a large blanket. The blanket colors coordinate with either cocoon so while one is in the wash they have the other one to use. Everyone loves them and raves about how comfortable they are, not only warm but helps keep the baby from kicking off the covers in the middle of the night. This is the first one I have seen with the shell stitch and cannot wait to try it. Love the way a shell stitch looks so dressy for a little girl. Thanks so much for the free pattern.

  13. Thank you for sharing your patterns which are so easy to follow as well as being beautiful.
    I wanted to let you know that I used your cocoon/hat pattern but I scaled it down as I make
    items for pre-premature babies.
    I was saddened beyond belief to hear one day that these tinies were being wrapped in serviettes because
    there was nothing small enough. That day I began to crochet/sew garments and blankets so that they have
    some dignity.
    I also make tiny toys for them, and sets in case of older siblings so they have a keepsake too.
    I hope that your followers may be inspired to use soft leftover yarn and do this too.
    If you think it sad to see such tiny things, think of the gift you bring these poor parents/extended family.
    Lucy Caitlyn UK

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      That is such a nice thing for you to do!!

    • I am interested in the preemie pattern that Lucy from UK has modified. My daughter is having a baby that is not expected to live long and want to make him a snuggly for what little time we may have. I am not sure where to shore down the pattern and would love advice from one who has a working pattern. Thank you so much!
      Connie in Texas

  14. Thank you very much for a cocoon with shells. It is a nice way to jazz it up. I have made 2 thus far. The second because someone saw me making the first. I have made the Very Hungry Caterpillar in the past. However, I could not quite figure out the hat. I just made my own variation of it.

  15. Sharon Thompson

    Thank you so much for this beautiful cocoon pattern. It is so easy and a beautiful pattern. I was finished before I realized it. Where can I post a picture of my finished cocoon?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      You can post your pictures on any social media sites.. and I love to have them posted on my Beatrice Ryan Designs Facebook page

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