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Chains and Flower Crochet Scarf… Free Pattern

Chains and Flower Crochet Scarf… Free Pattern

To celebrate my daughter’s birthday (It’s Friday) I decided to post another free pattern for all my friends that join me at Beatrice Ryan Designs… I love these cute scarves, Perfect for any time of year, stylish and simple!


Chains and Flowers Crochet Scarf


Chains and Flower Scarf

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Stash Yarn – Fingering, Dk, or Worsted your choice

Crochet Hook – G or H Your choice according to the yarn you choose


Dc-Double Crochet     Sl St-Slip Stitch     Ch-Chain     Sp-Space


Scarf Length 60″ or more, Your choice depending on how many times you want to wrap it around.


Chain 23 with a medium even tension.

1. Turn,* 5 Dc in 2nd chain from hook (Make sure to place your  Dc stitches around 2 of  the 3 strands of the chain stitch so the center of the flower doesn’t stretch to out large), Sl St in same ch st, 5 Dc in same ch st, Sl St in same ch st, 3 Dc in same chain (This creates 1/2 of the flower), Chain 22* Repeat (**)several times until scarf is desired length.


2. At the end of the chain. turn-working your way back along other side of chain ,*5 Dc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sl St in same chain* Repeat * *5 times,  Sl St to the base of first Dc (Full Flower Formed), **Chain 17 or 18 to equal same length as previous Chain length, Sl St in top of 3rd Dc in partial flower, 2Dc in center of flower round, * Sl St in Same Sp, 5 Dc in same Sp* 2 times, Sl St in base of 1st Dc of flower to complete flower**. Repeat( **  **) until you reach end of chain . ^Sl St in Last ch,  5 Dc in same sp, Sl St in same Sp^, repeat ^^ 5 times. Join with Sl St to base of 1st Dc. Finish off, weave in ends.


Lightly steam flowers to flatten and gently pull on chains to even the tension of the scarf.

2     wpid-IMG_20130717_205636_466.jpg



I hope you enjoy the scarf!!!  And keep checking back for more patterns!!!


Happy Crocheting!!


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  1. I love it! So cute!

  2. I really like this. It looks great for wearing in the summer. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

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