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Charity Crochet Hat…


Recently I joined a new venture… Some of my crochet friends and I have put together a Charity GroupElk Studio -From the Heart!  Guess who came up this great idea??  Yep, my very good friend Kathy at Elk Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs!  We are all going to crochet projects each month for a designated charity… Our first donation for October will be headed to Crochet for Cancer!


As some of you know, Six years ago I lost my very best friend to Breast Cancer...  So in honor of Sandra Kay Gilb… I have designed my next free pattern.  This pattern will be available later this week!  I worked on it all weekend, testing yarns, hooks and different stitches!  I am so excited how it turned out!   Tell me what you think!!!



Using different hooks and yarn weights you can see the difference in the hats!



These hats are all the same yarn and same hook…



These are double strand, larger hook…



Double strand,  Caron Simply Soft Yarn...


I will be donating all the hats I make using this pattern over the next couple weeks… Hopefully 15-20 Hats…  After that, Staring October… To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month… Each hat in this pattern sold (both at Alpine Originals and Etsy) I will donate 1.00 to Breast Cancer Research…  If you love this pattern and make it… I hope you will use it to help someone with cancer…


So here is to new Free Patterns,  Sandy and Charity!




  1. You are wonderful to create a free pattern for such a good cause! I’m honored to work with you on our projects!

  2. This is wonderful!
    I’m hosting a Chemo Cap Charity Event in October to donate to Halos of Hope. I think I just found my Pattern!

  3. It’s nice to see this up and running! Congrats, I hope it is still working out well! <3

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