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Throw Back Thursday Crochet….

Like many of you know,,, My Grandmother Beatrice Ryan Ramshaw was the one who taught me to crochet 40 years ago…  I thought it would be fun to show you one of her blast from the past Afghans…  She was such an avid crocheter… Mastering both yarn and thread techniques!!!  I often wonder  what it was like to crochet for her… She was born around the turn of the century… and lived until 1997…  The materials she must have learned with would have been hard to come by… She lived in a remote area of Northern Canada until the 40’s… But even when she moved to the United States and settled in Northern California,,, I think yarn and patterns would have been so much different from what we have now!!

This week the Afghan I am sharing was made for my favorite Great Aunt Velma… Velma was her sister-in-law, who also came to the United States in the 40’s… They were great friend too!!  I was blessed enough to inherit this afghan after Velma passed away about a decade ago…  I was amazed how well this beauty held up over the years…  My best guess is that Beatrice made it in the 70’s.  Amazingly this is one of the softest Afghans I have… I was a little surprised,  many of the acrylic yarns during that time were pretty scratchy and rough!  It definitely is a treasure!



This Great Afghan appears to be completely done in single crochet, with every other row done in back loop only… It looks to be a dk weight and a larger hook like maybe a N size…  Gotta love it… And to top it off… it measures a staggering 9+ feet long and 4+ feet wide…  I think she made it so it would nicely drape over both ends of Velma’s queen size bed…


Well, there you have a Throw Back Thursday Crochet treat!!!  What about you… Do you have any Throw Back Treasures??

..Happy Crocheting!!




  1. Have you ever tried to re-create this pattern? Maybe not on the same scale, as that is one huge blanket… It looks beautiful and I am sure the pictures don’t do it full justice.

  2. Wow that’s beautiful.

  3. The afghan that your grandmother made is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. That is one Awesome afghan. I have several treasure that were knit by my grandma. I don’t know how to share pics here so I will share on facebook.

    • I love that some of us have kept our family treasures to pass down…I dont really have a place to share here where you can load them… but I may have a day where I collect pics by email of other peoples treasures and share them here!!!

  5. The stitch may be what is called the “seed” stitch…it’s all done in sc in back loops only, very warm and very lovely. My niece has a navajo crocheted blanket that I made for my sister 40 years ago and it still holds it shape and is so soft.

    • This is just every other row back loop single crocheting… It is kind of a loose stitch but lays nicely!!
      I believe the Seed Stitch is a Sc in a stitch, Then a Dc in the next… on the next row you Dc in the previous Sc and Sc in the previous DC… I love the seed stitch too!

  6. Very pretty and it is even more special with the story attached 🙂 I have a few shawls from my G Grandmother and a baby blanket my G Aunt made for me when I was little – we don’t have many crafty people on my side I’m afraid – I am apparently a throwback myself 😉

  7. What an incredible story! It’s an amazing afghan Elena and one I know you truly treasure. Thanks for sharing a little piece of yourself with me. I loved it.

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