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Monday Makings… Crochet, Crochet, Crochet!!

Sometimes when I sit back and think of everything I crochet… I am actually amazed…  Each week I share with you some of my latest items!  So here is what I worked on over the weekend…

Week 7 CAL


Surface Braid Hats

Surface Braid Hat

infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf… Pattern to be released next fall!

What have you been working on…???





  1. Finished a filet scarf and a mickey mouse mouse hat,,now I am working on a big bad wolf hat..So many beautiful things…so little time..

  2. Gorgeous Afghan!! I worked on a shawl and a headband. I’m addicted:)

  3. My youngest, while asking me if I liked my job, asked what I would really like to do. My response, “Watch TV and crochet.” By the rolling of his eyes I could tell he was not impressed. My job started back up at the beginning of Feb and with it and homeschooling I’m struggling to keep up with just the CAL.
    My hat’s off to all you ladies. You inspire me to keep plugging away little by little. I love reading about all the neat things you guys are making and seeing the progress of the afghans for the CAL. Thanks

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