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Berry Blitz Infinity Scarf

Berry Blitz Infinity Scarf

Berry Blitz Infinity Scarf

This fun and whimsical Berry Blitz Infinity Scarf is super easy to make using the Berry Stitch!  Easy repeats and one skein of yarn, you can whip this free crochet pattern up in just one weekend… Great trip project too!  If you love to crochet like I do.. This is going to be one of my favorite go to project for the season!!!

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Yarn ~ 280 yards of worsted weight yarn… Pictured here in Red Heart With Love in Boysenberry.

Hook ~ H


Yarn Needle




52″ x 6″


St ~ Stitch

Ch ~ Chain

Sl St ~ Slip Stitch

Sc ~ Single Crochet

Rev Sc ~ Reverse Single Crochet

Fsc ~ Foundation Single Crochet

Bs ~ Berry Stitch (Insert hook in st, draw up loop, ch 3, draw yarn through both loops on hook.)




*Leave 4″ tail in beginning for securing round 1

Round 1:  142 Fsc. Join with sl st to beginning st. Be very careful not to twist round when joining. = 142 fsc

Round 2 & 3:  Ch 1, turn, sc in each st around, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 142 sc

Round 4:  Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, bs in next st, *sc in next st, bs in next st*, repeat *to* around, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 71 sc & 71 bs

Round 5:  Ch 1, turn, sc in each st around, join with sl st to beginning st. = 142 sc

Round 6:  Ch 1, turn, bs in 1st st, sc in next st, *bs in next st, sc in next st*, repeat *to* around, join with sl st to beginning st. (your bs should be offset from the bs’s in round 4) = 71 bs & 71 sc

Round 7: Repeat round 5

Round 8:  Repeat round 4

Round 9:  Repeat round 5

Round 10:  Repeat round 6

Rounds 11-13:  Repeat round 5

Rounds 14-23: Repeat rounds 4-13

Round 24:  Ch 1, rev sc around, join with sl st to beginning. = 142 rev sc.

Finish off

Using 4″ tail from beginning, secure round 1.

Round 25:  Join yarn to any st in round 1, Ch 1, rev sc around, join with sl st to beginning.

Finish off

Weave ends in.

That’s it… You now have a Berry Blitz Infinity Scarf!!!



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Happy Crocheting!!


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Fabulous Fall Fashion~Its all about wrapping up!!

Fabulous Fall Fashion~Its all about wrapping up!!

Are you ready for Fall??  The chill is now in the air and it’s time to wrap up!!

Here is my 7 piece collection of Original Beatrice Ryan Designs just in time for you to make a few new items for your Fall wardrobe!!  Fabulous Free Crochet Patterns… You can find them all in the “Free Patterns” tab at the top of the page or… Each link is available in this post!!

Fabulous Fall Fashion

1. Amazing Grace Infinity Scarf This simple scarf is one of the patterns in my Amazing Grace Series… Dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness… Stylish and fun to wear!!

2. Midnight Breeze Shawl  One of my all time favorite designs, Fashionable and Feminine!  Using self striping yarn makes this a true  one of a kind!

3. Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl  This was the 3rd pattern in the Amazing Grace Series and one very dear to my heart!  A great project to give to someone suffering or recovering from cancer!

4. Winter’s Edge Scarf    Soft and Feminine, this scarf was made with a beautiful mohair blend yarn with sequins… Just like a slight bit of frost, sparkling in the sun!

5. Soft and Stylish Cowl This quick and easy cowl was one of my very first patterns here on Beatrice Ryan Designs… Made with super chunky yarn it is really a great project!

6. Block Party Infinity Scarf This bright and bold scarf has become a fan favorite!!  Easy to make with simple stitching and sparkly  yarn… This Scarf really dresses up any Fall outfit!!

7. Amazing Grace Snoodie This super cozy cowl with attached hood was the 4th pattern in the Amazing Grace Series…  It is  one of the most pinned projects on my Pinterest site!!!


I hope you love these projects!  I would love to hear from you … Which ones have you made??  Dont forget to add any of these patterns to your Ravelry favorites for easy access and Pin Away.. Join one or all of my Pinterest Boards for more inspiration!!


Happy Crocheting!!


Monday Makings… Crochet, Crochet, Crochet!!

Sometimes when I sit back and think of everything I crochet… I am actually amazed…  Each week I share with you some of my latest items!  So here is what I worked on over the weekend…

Week 7 CAL


Surface Braid Hats

Surface Braid Hat

infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf… Pattern to be released next fall!

What have you been working on…???




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