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Monday Makings ~ Crochet Flower Potholder Review!

Monday Makings ~ Crochet Flower Potholder Review!

Another Monday and a little fun crochet to share!!  This weekend I decided to break out all the cotton yarn I bought a few weeks ago and get something done…  When I was trying to decide what to make,,, I remembered my friend Tamara over at Moogly had done a Potholder Round Up several months ago… I hopped over to her blog and could hardly decide which potholders I wanted to make…


 Click here to see her fun roundup…

After scouring over all the great patterns… I decided on the Starburst Hotpad by Loretta Schepp… I have been seeing these fun flowers for several weeks now and had been wanting to make some for myself… The pattern is really fun!  It is fairly easy, the only slightly tricky part was figuring out how to join them once all the motifs were crocheted… But once I got it, I whipped 3 out in not time!!  If you would like to make these fun hotpads… Click Here

Flower Potholder Trio

Really fun and easy to make!

Flower Potholder

Bright and Cheery!

3 flowers

Great collection of potholders!!


I hope you will give these a try!!!  Have a great week and Happy Crocheting!






  1. Very pretty!

  2. Very pretty!!! Maybe Christmas gifts this year? That’s a definite yes!!!

  3. I don’t get how to finish the hot pad. I have it all done except for using the tapestry needle part. Is there a video I could watch? Any photos?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      This isn’t my pattern… Just a review… So I’m not sure if there is a video available. Unfortunately it has been too long since I made these and don’t remember the bits and pieces to her pattern

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