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Choosing a Perfect Crochet Project… 3 Great ideas!!

How to choose your next crochet project… How hard can that be??

For many of us it is so hard to choose(or focus on) the next crochet project…  Here are 3 ways I found that makes it easier to find your way to the next best project….

  1.  Find a yarn you love… This inspires me and makes me feel great about starting a new project… Once you have the yarn, you can pop on to the manufactures website and look at the recommended projects they have for the particular yarn.  Ravelry even has yarn listings and you can find what projects other people have made using the same yarn.
  2. Decide if you want an accessory, home project or child’s project… Once you get this far, you can do a Google search for the type of project you want to make(hat, afghan, toy, shawl), or head to Ravelry, All Free Crochet or your favorite designers site… All of these have search areas!!!
  3. Choose who you will be making a project for… This will narrow down the field!  You will know their style, age, size, home decor and more… Next you think of what would benefit or bless them the most!  Then grab your yarn and hook and get started on your next great project!

Start with any of these ideas, or combine all of them together to get a great project started right away… Remember.. There are never to many WIP’s!!!

Happy Crocheting!!



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