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Patriotic Crochet


Patriotic, Whimsical and Crochet Art!!  Every year I crochet one of these beauties to sell at Alpine Originals… They are always a hit!!  You may wonder why only one,,, If you crochet alot, after one it becomes a job and not creativity… So if I whip two out back to back,,, I don’t love the work quite as much…  It doesn’t take to long to make these,, maybe 5-6 hours… So here it is… Crochet Flag Rag Rug…Well,,, Wall hanging,,, We don’t walk on our flag!



2×3 Decorative Flag



My feet included,,, so you can judge the size…



And,,, Of course Charlie getting in the mix…


This year since I am featured in the Artwalk at Alpine Originals in just a couple of weeks,,, I have started a second Decorative Flag… Yes, It is work,,, but I am hoping to spread the art of crochet!  My hook and hands will be very busy in the next couple weeks getting everything finished up so I can have a nice display… If you live close by make sure you come to the Artwalk on Friday June 28th!!


I will be working on the pattern over the next few months,, So stay tuned!  For now it is all locked up in my head!


So here is to Flags, Crochet and Art!




  1. Love the design, but one should NEVER, NEVER walk on our American flag. Maybe use as a wall hanging

  2. This looks cool, you are invited to share this Show Your Stuff:

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project–I am excited to be featuring it today! The new link party is up today, so link up anything you have been posting about! And we will be featuring FROZEN TREATS next week, so if you have any FROZEN TREATS–please share them and we will be happy to feature them! Can’t wait to see what you have to share! http://www.dosmallthingswithlove.com/2013/06/happy-hour-friday-628.html


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