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Mariposa Prairie Summer Bag Crochet Along… Week 3!

Mariposa Prairie Summer Bag Crochet Along… Week 3!

Let’s finish this bag up and start using it! Week 1, we made the bottom of the bag, Week 2 we made the sides… This week we will put it all together and finish it up!

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Week 3 stitching: 

Ch–Chain St -Stitch Sl St – Slip Stitch  Sc – Single Crochet Blsc–Back Loop Single Crochet  Dc – Double Crochet

Dec – Decrease

X St – Sk next st, Dc in the next st after sk, dc back into the first sk st.

Rev Sc – Reverse Single Crochet

Finished Size:

9″ dia. base x 13 1/2″ tall x 13 1/2″ dia. top of bag

Instructions for Week 3:

Joining to the bottom:

Staying with Color A

The bottom of your bag has 78 Stitches and your sides have 100 rows. You will be sc around joining the side edge of rows to your bottom bag sts. To do this, pin your side edge around the bottom to space it out before you begin. See the picture below.

Row 1. Join your last st of the side row to any st in the last row of the bottom of the bag using a sl st. Sc through both stitches of the side of the bag row ends and bottom of the bag sts all the way around. You should have 78 Sc, if you are close that will be just fine.

You should now be at the seam of the side of the bag and you will be working up the side to join.

Row 2: Continuing up the side of the bag, sc in both sts of the last row of the side and the first row of the side. = 100 sc (See pic)

*Once the bag is stretched out you will barely be able to see the seam.

Top of Bag

Continuing with Color A and the outside of the bag facing you… around the top of the side edges of your bag.

Round 1: Ch 1, sc 100 evenly around, Join with sl st to beginning sc. = 100 sc

Finish off

Changing to color B, join with sl st to any bl st.

Round 2: Ch 1, blsc around, join with sl st to beginning blsc. = 100 blsc

Round 3: Ch 1, sc around, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 100 sc

Round 4: Ch 3(counts as dc), dc in next st, X st over the next 2 sts, *dc in next 2 sts, X st over the next 2 sts*, repeat *to* around, join with sl st to top of beginning ch 3. = 50 dc & 25 Xsts

Round 5: Ch 1, sc around, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 100 sc

Finish off

Join Color A with a sl st to any st.

Round 6: Ch 1, sc in 1st 18 sts, dec over the next 2 sts, * sc in next 18 sts, dec*, repeat *to* around. Join with sl st to beginning sc. = 95 sc

Round 7: Ch 1, rev sc around, Join with sl st. = 95 rev sc

Finish off

You are now done with the bag and we will move on to the strap.


Cut 9 – 88″ pieces of yarn (6 color A and 3 color b)

Using 2A and 1 B each and leaving a 4″ tail, make a knot. Then braid the 3 groups of yarn together. to bottom with a knot at the end and a 4″ tail.

Trim the ends to be even.

Using your braid, weave behind the X sts and in front of the 2 dc’s(both) from round 4 all the way around. Knot the braid together approximately 8″ above the knots.

That’s it… You have completed your Mariposa Prairie Bag!!! You can pull up 1 long loop of the braid in the back of the bag for a long strap or 2 shorter straps on each side of your bag! I hope you love it!

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