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Easy Summer Stripes Afghan… Free Crochet Pattern!!!

Easy Summer Stripes Afghan… Free Crochet Pattern!!!

Are you ready for a super easy Free Crochet Afghan Pattern? This is made up of a 2 row repeat in the Moss Stitch… So EASY! The fun striped pattern and colors make it pop… Use any color scheme to match your home decor… Or use this really fun Summer theme I have going on!!!

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Here is what you will need and my color suggestions… I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. This afghan has a wonderful texture and weight!!!!


2 Skeins Each (355 yards per skein) – Key Lime,(A) Yellow(B) and White(C). Total yarn per color 710 yards = 2130 yards total

Hook and Supplies:

Hook – H and Scissors


  • Ch – Chain
  • St – Stitch
  • Sl St – Slip Stitch
  • Sk – Skip
  • Sp – Space
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • Dc – Double Crochet
  • Rev Sc – Reverse Single Crochet

Size: 52″ x 64″


Row 1: Starting with color A, Ch 240

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each across. = 239 sc

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st 2 sts, *ch 1, sk st, sc in next st*, repeat *to* across, sc in last st. = 118 ch 1 & 121 sc

Row 4: Change to color B. Ch 1, turn, *sc in st, ch 1, sk st*, repeat *to* across, sc in last st.= 119 ch 1 & 120 sc

Now you will be repeating rows 3 & 4 through row 229. Below is the color change pattern to get the striping pattern

*A-Green B-Yellow C-White*

Row 5: B

Row 6-7: A

Row 8-9: B

Row 10-11: C

Row 12-13: B

Row 14-15: C

Row 16-17: A

Row 18-19: C

Row 20-22: A

Row 23-25: B

Row 26-28: A

Row 29-31: B

Row 32-34: C

Row 35-37: B

Row 38-40: C

Row 41-43: A

Row 44-46: C

Row 47-50: A

Row 51-54: B

Row 55-58: A

Row 59-62: B

Row 63-66: C

Row 67-70: B

Row 71-74: C

Row 75-78: A

Row 79-82: C

Row 83-88: A

Row 89-94: B

Row 95-100: A

Row 101-106: B

Row 107-112: C

Row 113-118: B

Row 119-124: C

Row 125-130: A

Row 131-136: C

Row 137-146: A

Row 147-156: B

Row 157-166: A

Row 167-176: B

Row 177-186: C

Row 187-196: B

Row 197-206: C

Row 207-229: A


Continuing with Color A

Row 230: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st and ch 1 sp across, 3 sc in last st(1st corner), working down the side of rows, evenly sc 225 sts across to the bottom, 3 sc in 1st st of bottom row(3nd corner), sc 237 across bottom to last st, 3 sc in last st(3rd corner), working up side of rows, sc 225 evenly to beginning of row 230, 2 sc in same st as 1st st of row 230 to complete 4th corner, join with sl st. =936 sc Finish off

Join Color C to top right corner st.

Row 231: *Ch 3, sk 3 sts, sl st in next st*, repeat *to* 59 times(to corner, if you have an extra st, just sk 4), Repeat *to* 57 times to next corner, repeat *to* 60 times to next corner, repeat *to* 57 times and join in same corner as beginning sl st. = 234 ch 3 sps & 235 sl sts

Row 232: *6 dc in ch sp, sl st in next ch 3(you will have a sl st and 6 dc in each ch 3)*, Repeat *to* around. = 234 6dc/sl st groups. Finish off

Join Color B in any st

Row 233: Rev Sc in each st around. Join with sl st and finish off

That’s it… You now have an Easy Summer Stripes Afghan… Enjoy!!!

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Happy Crocheting!!


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