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Crochet With Me!! Winter 2016 Crochet A Long… Week 3!!!

Crochet With Me!! Winter 2016 Crochet A Long… Week 3!!!

Welcome back to this weeks Crochet with Me!! Winter 2016 CAL Afghan Project!!  I am so excited to share with you the next section of our afghan!!  This week we get colorful and all fun texture!!



Crochet with Me week 3 2016


Week 1 was the material list, Week 2 we went over gauge and made our first few inches of our afghan!  There were a few questions about making the afghan larger, in the last weeks we will be adding 3 ” to each side then making our edging… So our afghan will become quite bit wider that what we are working with now!!

Also, I have loved seeing all of the pictures on Facebook of our progress for week 2 afghans… If you missed out, make sure to head over to my page and post yours and see what everyone else is doing!!

I have love using my Red Heart With Love Yarn,,, It sure does make a great afghan!!  What do you think?

Are you ready to start Week 3??  Here we go!!


This week’s stitches:

st ~ Stitch     sk ~ Skip    ch ~ Chain   sl st ~ Slip Stitch     sc ~ Single Crochet     hdc ~ Half Double Crochet     dc ~ Double Crochet     trc ~ Triple/Treble Crochet     fl ~ Front Loop     bl ~ Back Loop   RS ~ Right Side (where bobbles, ridges and all fun textures show the most)

This week we will be making an “X” stitch pattern, there is a photo tutorial bottom of the pattern.

Week 3 upclose


Change to Color “C”

Row 21:  Ch 1, turn, fl sc in each st across. = 152 sts

Change to Color “B”

Row 22:   Ch 1, Turn, sc in the same st and the next st, *trc in next st(this will make a slight bobble that you will make sure to push to the front), sc in next 2 sts*, repeat * * across. = 152 sts (102 sc & 50 trc)  ** This is the RS of your project**

Change to Color “C”

Row 23:  Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across. = 152 sts

Row 24: Ch 3(counts as dc now and throughout), turn, * sk next 2 sts, trc in the next st, ch 1, trc in 1st sk st (see photo tutorial) “X” stitch made*, repeat * * across to the last st, dc in last st. = 152 sts (2 dc, 50 “X” sts)

Row 25:  Ch 1, turn, sc in each st and ch 1 space across. = 152 sts

Change to Color “B”

Row 26:  Repeat row 22

Change to Color “C”

Row 27: Ch 1, Sc in each st across. = 152 sts

**Correction Made Here from original post** Forgot the color change and it added a row

Change to Color “A”

Row 28:  Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across. = 152 sts

Row 29:  Ch 2(counts as hdc now and throughout), turn, fl hdc in each st across. = 152 sts

Rows 30 – 32:  Ch 2, hdc in each st across. = 152 sts.


“X” Stitch Photo Tutorial

X stitch tutorial

Congratulations… You have just finished Week 3!!  Your afghan should now be approximately 12″ long…  Stay tuned next week for more fun color and texture!!

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Happy Crocheting!!



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