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Yarn Product Review… Love the Yarn Tender!

Yarn Product Review… Love the Yarn Tender!

Recently I was asked if I would like to sample and review a product by a fellow yarnie Susan from www.SkerinKnittingandCrochet.com… She gave me a brief rundown and link to the product she wanted me to review and once I took a look,, I was sure I wanted to give it a try!

It goes by some fun names… Yarn Bras Yarn Sleeves Best Darn Yarn Tenders! What is it you wonder… Well, it is a mesh sleeve that you put your skein of yarn in and it keeps your yarn all tidy and pretty while you work on your projects… They are thin, mesh sleeves that are very stretchy and work wonderfully!

Below is a picture from her Amazon site of the product before use:

I recently used these on my large 2020 Crochet with Me… Winter Mystery CAL… 7 colors of yarn, all kept tidy… My pictures are below… And also the link to her Amazon page where you can purchase them too! They come in Small(white) and Large(multicolor)… I used both and really thought they were the bee’s knee’s!

Here is the Amazon Link!!

This is how my package arrived!!
One of my full skeins I put in the Yarn Tender
Different skeins, with different amounts used… See how tidy???
Here is my finished project… 2020 Crochet with Me!! Mystery Winter Afghan CAL… The Yarn Tenders made it so easy to keep my project organized and the color changes easy!

I hope you give them a try.. and best of all they are reusable!!!!

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