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A Lovely Blanket….


My Sunburst Granny Square Blanket is done!!!! I loved the way it turned out, nice size and perfect weight.  Working off and on it took less than a month to complete… I used a ton of my scrap yarn up too!


When I presented this lovely blanket in front of my family, I could tell they all admired it….My 17-year-old daughters response was one I kind of expected,,, She asked if she could have it… I haven’t decided if it is hers yet,,, It may need to be a part of our living-room for a bit!


phone 119

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket 2013


phone 120

Flat Braid Continuous Join….


phone 121

Perfect weight and size for any season!


    phone 123

Chain 4, Single Crochet, 4 Row Edging…


I love completed projects!  Especially ones I get to keep….  I just started a Cream Granny Square Purse… Stay tuned…


So here is to finishing a project and Sunburst Granny’s!




  1. Great job. Really like the way you joined all the squares together.

  2. It’s gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous! The white is great as a contrast to the colours you used. I hope you will have lots of fun with this afghan!

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