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Hobo Granny….


If I don’t have a hook in my hand and yarn trailing across the chair,,, something is definitely wrong!  The calming sense of the soft fiber and beautiful colors bring joy to my evenings and weekends…  Counting stitches, rows and inches almost seems to ease the worlds worries away!


Last night I finished up this beautiful Hobo Granny Bag!     22 Granny Squares joined into this Hobo Style Bag… Maze, Gray, Aqua and Plum yarn  make this bag work for any season… Once it was done, I tried it on for size… I so wanted to keep it!  But like you know if you hang out here very much,,, almost everything is given away to a loved one or sold at Alpine Originals…This lovely bag will be delivered later today for some lucky bag collector to purchase!


wpid-20130409_084448.jpg      wpid-20130409_084338.jpg

Granny Hobo Bag!


I have 3 current project going… Maybe more if I look around…  1. Camo Baby Granny Blanket… 2. Spring Colors Granny Blanket (size undetermined)… 3. Mini Granny Purse…  Always something in the works… The Spring Granny is what I am loving and will finish next!  Pictures to be posted soon!!  I am also working on my next Free Pattern,,, So stay tuned!


So here is to Granny, Bags and Projects!.




  1. So pretty! The color choices are awesome 🙂

  2. Thank you! I would have loved to kept this for myself… but,,, I rarely keep things for myself…

  3. Love the colors and the design!

  4. Hi there, thanks for popping into my blog. A friend of mine recommended I stitch some squares (I posted a picture of them somewhere – I think I might have titled it ‘crochet bag’) together to make a bag like this but I’m not sure how to do it. Did you follow some instructions from somewhere that I could use or did you just work it out yourself? Either way, any tips would be appreciated. Thanks, it’s such a lovely shape and 22 squares doesn’t sound like too many.

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