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Spring Granny Bag…


So here it is… Another bag,,, This month must be an obsession with bags!  This bag started as a Spring Granny Blanket, the colors reminded me of what I would wish for if our spring was here and flowers were blooming… It’s still cold and windy, not to many flowers or buds are out yet.  Here in the North West, at the base of a 14000′ +  mountain it is still not feeling like spring.  I have to make the most of it and brighten up my days with bright crochet projects!



Spring Granny Bag


Just to keep up my theme of the month,, Bags… I have started the next bag!  Nothing to do with Granny Squares which I have been making alot of lately!  It won’t take long, so here is a little peek….



Pansy Garden Bag…


Both of these bags will be making their way to the shop in town, Alpine Originals to be up for sale in the next couple days… The weekend is almost done and my crochet projects have been working up quickly.  I was able to do a little yarn shopping yesterday when we went to my daughters track meet in a larger town about an hour down the canyon.  She picked out the yarn for her blanket  that I will start tomorrow, it’s for a Crochet-a-Long that’s featured at The Crochet Crowd.  I really had fun watching a 17-year-old decide on colors for an afghan for an eclectic room…  At least this way she won’t steal the Sunburst Granny Afghan that I just finished!  Also, Michael’s Craft Store had Cream and Sugar Cotton on sale,,, so I restocked my stash for summer!  Always a great day when I come home with new yarn!


So here is to Bags, Granny Squares, Crochet-a-Longs and Yarn Shopping!




  1. Nice bag!

  2. Great bag! The preview of the new one looks intriguing too; love the yarn you’ve used … =D

  3. Love the bags. What stitch are you using for the new bag? I can’t figure it out. Maybe because it’s 1:30am. lol

  4. very pretty bag and lovely colours

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