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Flowers and Hats…


The weekend flew by,,, My flowers are really starting to bloom in the unusual heat… Normally we stay in the 70’s – 80’s, but the last week was in the 90’s.  I thought I could share a little of what I saw in my yard before we left for a family gathering on Sunday…


wpid-IMG_20130608_205157_521.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130608_205030_530.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130608_205110_863.jpg

Daylily’s, Mock Orange and Coral Bells…


wpid-IMG_20130608_205317_475.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130608_204710_944.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130608_204822_726.jpg

Indian Fire Poker, Chicago Peace Rose, Lavender Latte



The Geese Headed up to my yard as we drove away…


Then of course,,, I did whip up another bit of crochet… Another cute cotton summer hat… this time in coral.  I love this hat and like alot of  what I make,,, I use this pattern alot because it is easy and really cute… You can find it on ravelry.com by clicking here.  Big Girl Bonnet by Karla Rae



Big Girl Bonnet,,, Free Pattern by Karla Rae


Well the work week has started over and back on task… And don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page by clicking the like button on the sidebar : )


So here is to Flowers Blooming, Great Patterns and Crochet!




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  1. […] lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs   has submitted another of her stunning   Big Girl Bonnet. I love the chunky stitches,the cute button, the trendy look and that colour….GORGEOUS!!! […]

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