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BeatriceRyanDesigns now on Etsy!


Today is another milestone!  I finally got my nerve up to open an Etsy Store!  I have wanted to try opening one for quite a while, but the thought of it was a little overwhelming!  Getting to know my friend Kathy over at Elk Studio Handcrafted Crochet Design was really inspiring… I have watched her recently publish a beautiful Southern and Sassy Hat Pattern (You really need to check it out!) and checked out her Etsy sight… So, I dug in and opened mine… Click here to see BeatriceRyanDesigns new Etsy Shop!!!!!


Here is a sample of what is up for sale at Etsy!


wpid-IMG_20130625_090701_754.jpg     wpid-IMG_20130604_083147_022.jpg     wpid-IMG_20130604_082806_734.jpg     purse on tree     phone 119     wpid-20130311_130243.jpg


Thanks for all your support,,,


Here is to Etsy, Love of Crochet and Trying New Adventures!




  1. Have you thought abou t putting patterns for sale as well? I would love to know how to make the blue bag! 🙂
    Congrays on your achievement!

  2. Awesome Good For You !!
    I have been meaning to do the same thing…I get so close then I get cold feet and tell myself it is to much 🙁

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