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A Crochet Addict’s Mother-Daughter Weekend…

Yes, I love to crochet,,, Rarely does a day go by that I am not working on a project!  Today I wanted to share a little mother-daughter bonding/fun/vacation tradition.


For the last decade, I have taken my youngest daughter on a weekend trip every summer.  The focus is to buy her school clothes and spend some quality time together… This was her final year… She will be a senior and my last one at home…   Kinda bittersweet!


Over the last decade our trip has evolved from the types of clothes she chose, the city we go to and what we do to entertain ourselves.  It use to be great to spend a day in the mall,,, grab the clothes (of which she wasn’t very picky)… and hit the hotel swimming pool after a quick dinner at a homey restaurant… To a decade later we seem to do a large city excursion, 2 days filled with multiple malls, pedicures, movie theaters, hot tubs, fancy restaurants, longer stays and more thought put into the wardrobe!.


So I wanted to share just a few pictures of our weekend excursion…


wpid-IMG_20130801_200326_824.jpg     wpid-IMG_20130802_113608_045.jpg     wpid-IMG_20130802_104652_505.jpg

The drive… With my baby driving… Yummy food at a great restaurant,,, Trying a new guitar out for this years school project (Learning to Play)




   We got our noses pierced…


Stopped by my longtime BFF’s Antique Store in Sacramento

wpid-IMG_20130805_194823.jpgA stop at a great orchard for some fresh produce…


Yarn shopping for something special


So for this last year,,, we did a few special things… here is the rundown!

Drive to Sacramento,,, Stayed in an extra nice room for 3 nights… Shopped for 2 days at 2 major malls, pedicures, great lunches at nice restaurants, evening hot tubing, nose’s pierced, fancy dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Two evenings at movie theaters,,,one of them at an IMAX Theater, friends antiques store, yarn shopping, great orchard where we picked out all our favorites including dehydrated chili-sugar encrusted mango’s… stopped by to see family on the trip home and yes,,, I did crochet in the evenings in the room!  It was a great trip and we both have looked forward to being with each other (sometimes rare with a teenager)…


Lots of crochet coming down the line!   Hope your weekend was great!


So here is to Tradition, Mother-Daughter Weekends and Crochet!






  1. Sounds like a blast!!!!

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