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Beatrice Ryan Designs Crochet A Long Afghan.. Week 2

I hope you had a great week and had fun crocheting your Granny Squares…  Are you ready to put them together and move on to the next step??

There are two methods frequently used to join Granny Squares… You can whip stitch them together or crochet them together… Since I am a total crochet-a-holic and not so much a seamstress… I always have crocheted mine together… But if you prefer the look of the stitching method that will be great too… I found 2 great tutorials for these methods incase you haven’t joined Granny Squares together before…

The first method is Crocheting Granny Squares together. This tutorial is by one of my favorite Crochet Artists… Lucy from Attic 24… She is famous for her colorful Granny Squares and this tutorial is very clear and it will walk you through this method if this is the one you  would like to use!!!  Click Here for the Crocheting Granny Squares Together Method…

The second method is to Sew the Granny Squares together. I found a great tutorial from Lion Brand Yarn to demonstrate this method… Click Here for the tutorial on How to Invisibly Seam Granny Squares Together Method…


Sl St – Slip Stitch     Ch – Chain     Hdc – Half Double Crochet

Instructions for Week 2:

Join your Granny Squares together in on of the above methods.  You will join them in 2 rows of 4 squares.  See my Granny Squares below for placement.


wpid-IMG_20140119_145132_074-1.jpgThis is the front side of my Joined Granny Squares…



This is the back side of my Joined Granny Squares… Notice the slight ridge the Sc joining forms… I like this for my self and over time the ridge slightly lessens as the yarn settles into place.  But, if you don’t like the ridge the whip stitch method would be a better choice for joining.


Step 2 – Working with neutral or main color:

*Tip 1: You will want to make sure when making row 1 & 2 that the top and bottom row have the same number of stitches and the right and left sides each have the same number of stitches. 

*Tip 2:  When working or row 1 & 2…It will be important to have an even amount of stitches on each side of your work, the exact count isn’t important,,, but the even numbering is!!  Next weeks pattern section will be thrown off if you have odd amounts of stitches…When counting your stitches,  the center stitch of the corner will not be added into your count..  You should check your stitch count at the end of each of the four sides and make sure it is an even number and that the parallel sides have the same number of stitches… This will ensure your afghan will remain in an even rectangle shape.

Row 1:      Join with Sl St in any corner.  Ch 1, 3 Sc in corner. *Sc in each stitch across to the next corner, 3 Sc in Corner*. Repeat * * Around, join with Sl St to first Sc.

Row 2:     Ch 4 (counts as Hdc plus ch 2 for corner), Sk 1 Sc, Hdc in next Sc.  *Hdc across to 1st Sc of next corner. You will skip the center Sc of previous row corner, Ch 2, Hdc in next St and each across to next corner*. Repeat * * Around, Join with Sl St to 2nd chain of beginning Ch 4. Finish off. You should have approx 44 Hdc on the sort sides of the rectangle and 94 Hdc on the long ends of the rectangle.

Below is an up close picture of the corners for reference.



And here is a photo of week 2 completed… 8 Granny Squares joined, 1 row of Sc’s, 1 Row of Hdc’s….



Congratulations… You have finished Week 2!!!  Don’t forget to hop over to Facebook next Friday for Show and Tell at 5Pm EST… and Pinterest to see what everyone has done so far!!!

Happy Crocheting… Elena







  1. Just a quick question, at the bottom of the post there is a remark about row 1. It says “Join with a sl st to any corner, ch 2 (counts as HDC now and throughout)”

    Is this some kind of typo? Just want to check before I get started.
    Thanks, Jane

  2. I prefer to join my granny squares as i make them in the final round, in stead of sewing or crocheting them together. I haven’t had time to get started on my 8 yet, so i’ll just joininng them together as I do the last round and do the SC and HDC rows around the 8 ….that’s just my personal preference when it comes to granny squares.

  3. Asked on Ravelry also.
    Question about joining the squares. Is there going to be other ridges created throughout the blanket like there will be if crocheting the item together using the first method? Also, is there going to be any more open areas like the ones in the granny squares? I’m incredibly OCD.

    ETA: This is my first CAL and maybe that’s part of the fun, not knowing. Regardless, I’m still extremely excited about this project.

    • Marla… There will be several different textures going on throughout the blanket using different stitches… As far as Ridges… I cant promise yes or no on that…

      Im not sure what you mean by open areas… If you are talking about the areas that are a little open like between the Dc clusters of the Granny Square, Then yes… There will be several different types of small open areas created by different stitching…

      And yes… That is part of the fun… not knowing the whole project… It is kinda like opening Presents each week…lol

  4. One more stupid question. Does right side of the square look like the pictures on the side of this page with a chain look showing or the other side where only one look show on the top?

    • So sorry,,, Not really sure what you mean by the other side only one look show on top…

      If you are talking about the background pictures of the blog… They are showing the right side of my squares…

      • Thanks. I saw the need for proofreading after I already posted. It was supposed to be … or the other side, where only one loop shows on the top?
        But you did answer the question. It will look like a chain stitch on the outside edge of the square when the square is lying flat.

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