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Midnight Breeze Shawl

This beautiful shawl was inspired by cool summer nights in the mountains of Northern California…. And it would make a wonderful Prayer Shawl!!


Midnight Breeze Shawl

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This shawl measures  18″  x 78″



840 Yards of Worsted Weight Yarn – Recommend using Self Striping Yarn ~ Original design was made using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable  – Color “Tidal”


Hook ~ I




St, Sts – Stitch, Stitches      Sl St – Slip Stitch      Ch –  Chain      Sc – Single Crochet      Dc – Double Crochet     Trc – Triple Crochet



Ch 191

Row 1:   Sc in 2nd  Ch from hook and each across. = 190 Sc

Row 2:   Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and throughout), Turn,  *Skip next St, Dc in next 3 Sts, Dc in previous Skipped St to form a Crossover Stitch* (See Photo), Repeat * * Across, Dc in last stitch.  =47 Crossover Shell Stitches & 2 Dc

Crossover Shell Stitch

Rows 3 – 6:    Repeat row 2 four times.

Row 7:    Ch 4 (Counts as Trc now and Throughout), Turn, * Sk 3 Sts, Trc in next St, Ch 2, Trc in 1st Skipped St to form and X Stitch* (See Photo), Repeat * * Across, Trc in last St.  = 47 X sts and 2 Trc.

Trc X Stitch

Row 8:   Repeat Row 7

Row 9:    Ch 1 Turn, Sc across. = 190 Sc

Rows 10 – 14:     Repeat Row 2

Row 15 – 16:   Repeat Row 7

Row 17:   Repeat Row 9

Rows 18 – 22:   Repeat Row 2

Rows 23 – 24:   Repeat Row 7

Row 25:   Repeat Row 9

Rows 26 – 30:   Repeat Row 2

Row 31:   Ch 1 Turn, Sc in next 189 Sts across to last St, 3 Sc in last St to form 1st corner., Working along side of rows,  Sc 69 Sts evenly across, 3 Sc in last St to form 2nd Corner, Sc 188 Sts across the bottom edge, 3 Sc in last St to form 3rd corner, Sc 69 Sts evenly up side of rows, 2 Sc in same as beginning to form 4th corner, Join with Sl St. = 526 Sc Finish Off


Midnight Breeze Shawl Ruffle

Working along short ends of the shawl

Row 1:    Join With Sl St to corner St. Ch 1, Sc in same St. *Sk 2, 5 Trc in next St, Sk 2, Sc in next St.* Repeat Across. 12 – Trc Shells & 13 Sc

Row 2:   Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St and next St, *Ch 2, Sk 1 St, Sc in next St, Ch 2, Sk 1 St, Sc in next 3 Sts* Repeat * * Across to end. Sc in last 2 Sts.  = 47 Sc & 24 Ch 2 Spaces

Row 3:   Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St, * Sk St, 3 Dc in Ch 2 Space, 1 Dc in next Sc, 3 Dc in next Ch 2 Space, Sk St, Sc in next St* Repeat * * Across to end = 84 Dc & 13 Sc

Row 4:   Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St, *Dc in next St, 2 Dc in next St, Dc in Next St, 2 Dc in next St, Dc in next St, 2 Dc in next St, Dc in next St, Sc in next St* Repeat * * Across to end. = 120 Dc & 13 Sc

Row 5:   Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St, *Trc in next 10 Sts, Sc in next St* Repeat * * Across. =120 Trc & 13 Sc

Row 6:   Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St, *2 Sc each of next 10 Sts, Sc in next St* Repeat * * Across. =253 Sc

Finish off and Weave in ends…

I recommend blocking your shawl for the best result.  I used the Steam Blocking Method, but you may also dampen you shawl and pin it into place until dry.


Midnight Breeze Shawl length   Midnight Breeze Shawl Stitching

Midnight Breeze Shawl

NOW … Also available in a video tutorial thanks to Bob Wilson 123!!

Click Here for the Link to the Midnight Breeze Shawl Video Tutorial!!


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  1. Geraldine Ronellenfitch

    Beautiful. Like the fact I get the pattern without having to go through various procedures. Continue this method of sharing. Love the colour combo. So want to make this. These would make gorgeous prayer shawls and gifts. Continue your sharing. Blessings.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Absolutely beautiful and so elegant. Extremely thoughtful to share this pattern. Thank you very much.

  3. PS: Love the border!

  4. Janetta Dobler

    Stunning! Love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Beautiful shawl, love the pattern. We just came back from the mountains in N. calif, were close to Mt Lassen.

  6. Love Mt Shasta, we bought our Durango there years ago and there used to be a quilt shop . Lived in Cassel, along Hat Creek. Certainly miss the mountains and the trees. I agree with a previous comment that your shawl would make a nice Prayer Shawl. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What difficulty level is this pattern? I’ve made a few afghans (granny squares), some scarves, and a market tote, but I’m not sure if I can make this. It’s beautiful, and I would love to make one for my mom.

    • This is easy to intermediate… There is photos to show any stitches that are a little different.. So you should be able to do it! The yarn I used does not pull out well so you may want to try it with a basic acrylic.

  8. Simply beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful design! But all your designa are. I love the colrs and I so want to make this….for me! Thank you

  10. Beautiful. I will be choosing some yarn to start one of these very soon. Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. Bonnie Shiller

    Your work is beautiful and I so appreciate the patterns you share. Your instructions and pictures are so well written and easy to follow. I started a baby blanket you shared and hope to make this pattern only I intend to use this pattern for a table runner 🙂

  12. Mary McLaughlin

    I have been looking for an elegant shawl pattern for months. This is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to buy the yarn for this. Thank you so much for posting this pattern!

  13. Valerie Moniz

    Love this and thanks for sharing! My question for you, with self striping yarn, do you manipulate/control the colors from the new skein? I’ve always just tied on the new skein, but this shawl the colors flow so nicely and with the colors starting differently from skein to skein. I had a friend who picked where in the colorway she would start the new skein…it was out of the box thinking for me 🙂 I was curious if you did that also. Thanks!

  14. hola me gustaria pusieran el video por favor ,….gracias muy bonito trabajo .

  15. Maschelle Mashburn

    This shawl is STUNNING! I love the yarn as well! Ive been wanting to find parents for shawls and wraps that use this gorgeous yarn from Red Heart! I love almost every colorway in the “Unforgettable ” line! Thank you so much for writing this pattern out and sharing it for free!

  16. thanks for sharing this beautiful pattern, I love the unforgettable line of yarn all the colorways are gorgeous. I will be making this as a Christmas gift for my nieces. They will love them

  17. Jo-Anne Towle

    What a beautiful scarf! I’ve been checking out a lot of patterns lately and most scarves and cowls are just variations on a theme. This one is totally unique. Nicely done. I wish I was as creative.

  18. Congratulations! Your project was one of the most clicked at the Link & Share Wednesday Party! http://www.oombawkadesigncrochet.com/2014/07/link-and-share-wednesday-party-52.html

  19. I just finished my shawl. It is beautiful. I used the same yarn in Winery. Love the colors! I am a curvy gal, so this is a bit short for me, will make some adjustments on the next one, but still love, love, love it!!!

  20. I absolutely love this shawl pattern! I started out crocheting but have stuck with knitting the past several years. Can’t wait to pull out my crochet hooks for this one!

  21. Beautiful, if only I knew how to crochet,

  22. I would love to make this, however, I cannot get it to print. I can print others, but nothing from this website. Help!!

    • There are 2 choices to get a print.
      1 Copy and past the text to a word document
      2 Copy the URL from the page you want to print, Go to printfriendly.com and enter the URL in the designated area…and you can make a print, pdf or download the document.

  23. hi Beatrice on row 9 to get back to 190 SC do you also go into each of the chains in the previous row? Thanks Sarah

  24. I just finished this last night. I used the same yarn in Dragonfly and ended up adding an extra pattern repeat to make it wider. It just didn’t seem like it was big enough. I ended up using the most part of 4 skeins.

    It is utterly gorgeous. The pattern is easy to follow and very simple. Thank you so much for this free pattern.

  25. Thank you so much for this pattern. I am working on it now and loving it. I was working on this with some family and received compliments on how pretty it is. The pattern and the yarn are great together. Thank you.

  26. lovely pattern.thank you for sharing i will try this pattern but in india the desired yarn isdifficult to get.

  27. Can i do a foundation single crochet in place of the foundation chain and row 1 of sc

  28. Thank you for this lovely pattern!! Am making it in the same yarn, Cappuccino color. Absolutely beautiful!! Am going to give it as a prayer shawl to a dear young lady whose 3 year old son has been diagnosed with cancer. Again, thank you so much for sharing.

  29. It’s so beautiful and perfect. I wanna try one..

  30. I just finished mine!!! Just need to block it now. Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern!!

  31. Danielle Chester

    This is beautiful and I happen to have 3 skeins of Unforgettable in Tidal in my stash! Seems like fate! Before I start though, what is the gauge? I have a tendency to be a tight knitter and crocheter so I want to make sure I don’t make this and end up having to give it to my two-year old instead of myself!

    • I dont have an exact gauge… but I would say the starting chain would be a great guide. if you like the length with out stretching it… it will work… It does shrink up once the pattern stitches begin, but the edging adds a few inches to the finished length. I steam blocked mine when done to get it to a better length and width and to show off the stitching

  32. Very beautiful …since I don’t read patterns I will be viewing bobwilson123 …thank you again.

  33. Hi, I just completed the main part of the shawl and I have to say this pattern is gorgeous. I still need to do the border but mine came out very much short of the 72 inches. I just measured and came up with 12 inches x 41 inches unblocked and without the border. I used the same yarn in the “Stained Glass” colorway and the same hook size but obviously my stitches are much tighter. I think I am going to redo it and make it longer than the 191 chains/190 stitches. How many stitches are in the pattern repeat? 4? If so then I should be ok if I just keep adding sets of 4 until it is as long as I want it to be right? And what about adding rows? If I want to add another set of rows to match the height will that mess up the pretty border? I am fairly new to crochet and haven’t experimented with altering patterns much so I hope I am making sense LOL.

    P.S. I live in Northern California too in a small town called Magalia which is North of Chico.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      The Shawl will block out to be larger, but if you want it to be longer, the length is in increments of 4 and you can add as many as you like… as for the boarder… I believe it is in repeats of 6 + 1 extra at the end…

      I know exactly where Magalia is,, I lived in Oroville for 25 years..

  34. Sorry if this is repeated but if I wanted to make it longer what’s the mile of chains I’d need?

  35. I just finished this for a cousin in law who is going through chemotherapy. I added an extra repeat to make it wider, but I love it so much I will be making one for myself soon.

  36. Thank you for the free pattern. I started this in September for a friend while traveling across the US. I messed up in the beginning and just keep on going (don’t crochet when you’re sleepy). I now have 38 rows total and so my sides have 81 rows instead of 69 stitches and I am frozen. I would like to give it to the recipient by Christmas so I need help adding the border. I would hate to FROG the entire thing and I started because of the border so I really hope you can help me.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      I think what you should do… The edging repeat is a repeat of 6 stitches… so you have maybe 10 extra sc on the ends from how I am understanding you… That leaves you maybe 2 short or 4 extra..you can add to the edging by adding either 1 or 2 of the pattern repeats for the row 1 edging… You will just have to fudge a little! adding 2 would make it more ruffly and adding 1 will make it slightly less…

      • Thank you very much for your help; I didn’t realize that the edge was in multiples of 6. I will probably go with the 2 extra repeats for the edging. Can I e-mail you a picture after it’s done? I usually post my completed work on my Pinterest board so it will already be on the internet.

        • Beatrice Ryan Designs

          Thats what I would do too!!!! I like mine a little more ruffley… And yes!!!! I would love to see your finished project and you can also post it to my facebook if you like!! I love sharing

          • Finally finished the shawl. I posted a picture onto your FB page. Today I’ll try to steam block it. Thank you so very much for your help.

  37. Do think that it would be possible to make this into a cowl ? How would I do that ?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      You can do something simalar to this to make a cowl… At this time I am working on other patterns and cannot rewrite this into a cowl pattern… Great Idea for the future!!

  38. OMG its so beautiful, I have never seen anything like this and the edging is so delicate. Thank you sharing it with us all. Take care and have a great day/night.

  39. This is absolutely beautiful! I believe I have found the pattern to make for our bridal party… one question (I hope it wasn’t already asked) If I wanted to resize this for a child, what repeat do you recommend I reduce by? I am horrible at sizing and modifying patterns.. Thanks so much!

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Because of the different stitch elements there isn’t an exact repeat… I would try to use a smaller hook

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