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Coming September 1st… Amazing Grace Charity Crochet Extravaganza!!!

I am preparing a Crochet Charity Drive starting September 1st…  Lots of fun, prizes and paying it forward!!!  I will be featuring my story about the Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series… And promoting the free patterns in this series for a very special donation for Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2014!!!  Stay tuned for this big 8 week event!!!!  And… A new Amazing Grace Pattern for the Finale!!

In the meantime… Hop over to my Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series Page and have some fun with these Free Patterns… Click here to view the patterns

Amazing Grace Charity Extravaganza


Happy Crocheting…



  1. Is this going to be a charity drive where you’ll be needing donations from us? I’ll get started pronto if that’s the case! I love your heart for serving others, it’s truly touching.

    Bless you… From a daughter whose mom just recently succumbed to breast cancer.

    • Yes… The details will all be laid out Sept 1st… But… I am going to ask people to make the Amazing Grace patterns specifically and donate those projects.. I will have a designated charity I will be sending them all to…

  2. Michele Boucher-Hines

    I just recently found your blog, and appreciate many of your designs. I live in N. CA (Roseville), and think this is a wonderful idea. Look forward to more details.

  3. My crochet hooks are twitching already! Thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you for these great patterns. At the end of the year I take all my hats to my local hospice and they distribute the hats to cancer network and Vanderbilt Children’s hospital. I have given several through out the year. I appreciate your talent of designing a paying it forward gift.

    Dianne Bass


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