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Amazing Grace Twisted Headband…Free Crochet Pattern!

Amazing Grace Twisted Headband…Free Crochet Pattern!

Amazing Grace Twisted Headband


This Amazing Grace Twisted Headband Pattern is the 20th free pattern in the Amazing Grace Series.  Dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandy Gilb who lost her fight in 2007.  Pay it forward by make and donating any of the Amazing Grace Patterns to someone suffering or recovering from cancer or any traumatic life event…

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Amazing Grace Twisted headband is a simple pattern using the Amazing Grace standard stitch. To achieve the twist that sets this off,  you work the pattern in two sections for a few rows, cross them and work the piece in one solid pattern again… But, don’t worry, there is a photo tutorial at the bottom of the pattern for you to see how this works!!



Yarn ~ 90 yards worsted weight yarn.

Pictured above, I used Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Everyday Soft in Pond, Parrot and Lilac Ridge

Hook ~ H or hook to meet gauge



4″ x 4″ = 15 sts x 8 rows of Double Crochet


Approx. 21″ around un-stretched


St ~ Stitch     Ch ~ Chain     Sk ~ Skip     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet


Ch 23

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook, *sk 2 chs, (sc,ch2,sc) in next ch*, repeat *to* 6 times, sk 2, sc in last st. =2 sc & 6 (sc,ch2,sc)

Row 2:  Ch 3(counts as dc now and throughout), turn, *3dc(shell) in next ch 2 sp*, repeat *to* 6 times, dc in last st. 2 dc and 6 3dc shells

Row 3:  Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, sk 1 st,* (sc,ch2,sc) in next st, sk 2 sts*, repeat *to* 5 times, (sc,ch2,sc)in next st, sk 1 st, sc in last st. = 2 sc & 6(sc,ch2,sc)

Rows 4-20: Repeat rows 2 & 3

*Now for the section for the twist-Photo tutorial at the end of the pattern*

Row 21:  Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, sk 1 st, (sc,ch2,sc) in next st, *sk 2 sts, (sc,ch2,sc) in next st*, repeat *to* 2 times, sc in next st. Leave remaining sts unworked. This will be half of the width of the headband. =2 sc & 3(sc,ch2,sc)

Row 22:  Ch 3, turn, *3dc in next ch 2 sp*, repeat *to* 3 times, dc in last st. = 2 dc & 3-3dc shells

Rows 23-26: Repeat rows 21 & 22. Finish off

Turn and join yarn to the first sk st from row 21

Row 27:  Ch 1, sc in same st, (sc,ch2,sc) in next st, *sk 2 sts, (sc,ch2,sc) in next st*, repeat *to* 2 times, sc in last st. = 2sc & 3- (sc,ch2,sc)

Row 28:  Repeat row 22

Row 29:  Repeat row 27

Row 30:  Repeat row 22

Row 31:  Repeat row 29

Row 32: Repeat row 22

Cross the 2 halves over each other making sure they remain flat.

Turn work over so working loop is on the right

Row 33:  Ch 1, sc in same st, sk st, *(sc,ch2,sc)in next st, sk 2 sts*, repeat *to* 2 times, (sc,ch2,sc) in next st, sk st, sl st next 2 sts together(see photo), , sk st, *(sc,ch2,sc) in next st, sk 2 sts*, repeat *to* 3 times, sk next st, sc in last st. = 2 dc, 1 sl st, 6(sc,ch2,sc)

Rows 34-53:  Repeat rows 2 & 3. finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Making sure the headband is flat, sew 2 ends together.

Weave in ends.

Photo Tutorials



Congratulations… You  now have an Amazing Grace Twisted Headband!!!

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Happy Crocheting!


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Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive~ Week 1 Featured Pattern

Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive~ Week 1 Featured Pattern

Amazing Grace Hat

Weekly Featured Pattern


Amazing Grace Hat

To start the charity drive off, I would like to feature the first Amazing Grace Pattern I designedThe Amazing Grace Hat!  I designed this hat with those in mind who would be or already have lost their hair due to cancer treatments!

When my dearest friend Sandy started losing her hair, I brought her up to my hairdresser and we both cut our hair off together… I was willing to shave my head, but she wouldn’t let me.. We both had long hair at the time and we went very short…  It was one of those times with my friend that will always be remembered as one of our best and worst times all wrapped in one…  Shortly after our haircut,,, Sandra began losing her hair. Sandy  lived 3 hours from me and I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks,,, My oldest daughter had just graduated from basic training in the Air Force and we stopped by to visit with Sandy on the way home…  The first thing she did was pull off her wig and show us her head… We all laughed and cried!

 Losing your hair can be traumatic… And a nice soft hat can be so comforting… Something to keep in mind is the yarn you use and the season it will be worn… I love making these Amazing Grace Hats in cotton for summer wear and an extra soft acrylic for winter wear!!

I hope you will consider making some of these Amazing Grace Hats for our charity drive... Click Here for the Free Pattern!  All the details and rules for this charity drive and prize package giveaway are in the Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Tab at the top of the page…

Stay tuned next week for another featured Amazing Grace Pattern and more of my story about how Sandy’s Breast Cancer inspired me to design all of the patterns in the Amazing Grace Series!!  Also… Next Week I will be releasing a brand new Amazing Grace Hat Pattern.. A new look and new hat design!!

An update about the Charity Drive:   I have decided to make all handmade crochet (or knit) items eligible for the Prize Package Giveaway!!

So let’s get crocheting!!


Amazing Grace Hat Collage

Amazing Grace Charity Extravaganza     Amazing Grace Prize Package Giveaway     Untitled1

Coming September 1st… Amazing Grace Charity Crochet Extravaganza!!!

I am preparing a Crochet Charity Drive starting September 1st…  Lots of fun, prizes and paying it forward!!!  I will be featuring my story about the Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series… And promoting the free patterns in this series for a very special donation for Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2014!!!  Stay tuned for this big 8 week event!!!!  And… A new Amazing Grace Pattern for the Finale!!

In the meantime… Hop over to my Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series Page and have some fun with these Free Patterns… Click here to view the patterns

Amazing Grace Charity Extravaganza


Happy Crocheting…


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