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Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy ~ Free Crochet Pattern…

Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy ~ Free Crochet Pattern…

Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy

Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy - Free Crochet Pattern

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To Celebrate our Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… Here is my 10th Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern!!

Keeping in the style of the Amazing Grace Stitch Pattern… This hat pattern is a variation of the Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie,,, It is the same great style, with a fashionable slouch effect!  The Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb who passed away in 2007 from this unfortunate disease.  Please consider paying it forward to those who are suffering or recovering from cancer by donating items made from my free patterns…


Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy


Yarn ~ 125-150 yards Worsted Weight Yarn Total(Pictured above is Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand Yarn)

Color A~Main Color

Color B~Accent Color


Although all worsted weight yarn is  graded to be a #4, there is variance between brands… I found Red Heart With Love and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice to be a great weight for this hat and  also soft.  Caron Simply Soft was wonderful for the softness, but made the hat slightly smaller.

Hook ~ I

Scissors and Yarn Needle



Using Vanna’s Choice and a Clover Hook… My personal gauge in a Half Double Crochet swatch is:  6 Sts x 5 Rows = 2″ x 2″.



St – Stitch    Sk – Skip     Sl St – Slip Stitch    Ch – Chain     Sc – Single Crochet     HDC – Half Double Crochet     FPSC – Front Post Single Crochet



Begin with a Magic Circle (Video Instructions)

Row 1:  Ch 1 (Does not count as 1st St now and through out), 10 HDC in Magic Ring.  Tighten Ring by pulling on loose tail.  Join with Sl St to  top of 1st HDC. = 10 HDC

Row 2:  Ch 1, 2 HDC in 1st St and 2 HDC in each St around, Join to top of 1st HDC. = 20 HDC

Row 3:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, Hdc in next St,* Around.  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 30 Hdc

Row 4:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 2 Sts.* Around.  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC.  = 40 HDC

Row 5:  Ch 1, Hdc in each St Around. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC = 40 HDC

Row 6: Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 3 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 50 HDC

Row 7:  Ch 1, Hdc in each St Around. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC = 50 HDC

Row 8:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 4 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 60 HDC

Row 9:  Ch 1, Hdc in each St Around. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC = 60 HDC

Row 10:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 5 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 70 HDC

Row 11:  Ch 1, HDC in each St Around. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC = 70 HDC

Row 12:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, HDC in next 6 Sts, 2 HDC in next St, HDC in next 5 Sts* Around to last 5 Sts, 2 HDC in next St, HDC in last 4 Sts. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 81 HDC

Row 13:  Ch 1, Hdc in each St Around. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC = 81 HDC

Row 14: Ch 1, Turn, FPSC in each St around. Join with Sl ST to top of beginning FPSC. = 81 FPSC (This is the wrong side now facing you.)

Row 15:  Change to color B, Ch 1, Turn, Sc in each stitch around. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 81 Sc (Right side facing)

Row 16:  Ch 1, Turn, Sc in each stitch around. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 81 Sc  ** See tip at the bottom of the page for lengthening your hat if desired**

Row 17:  Change to color A, Ch 1, Turn, Sc in each stitch around. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 81 Sc

Row 18:  Ch 1,Turn,  FPSC in each St around. Join with Sl ST to top of beginning FPSC. = 81 FPSC (This is the wrong side now facing you.)

Row 19:  Change to color B, Ch 1, Turn, Sc in 1st St, Ch 2, Sc in  same St again, Sk 2 Sts, *(Sc,Ch2,Sc) all in next St, Sk 2* Around, Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 27 Ch 2 Spaces

Row 20: DO Not Turn, Sl St in 1st Ch 2 Sp, Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), 2 more Dc in same Ch 2 Sp., *3 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp(Shell made)*, Repeat * * Around, Join to top of beginning ch 3 . =27 Shells made.

Rows 21 & 22: Repeat Rows 19 & 20 *Important notes for these two rows* Do Not Turn for either of  these rows. You remain working on the right side. AND for Row 21 you will begin by Slip Stitching over 1 St and starting in the center stitch of your shell from the previous row.

Row 23:  Change to Color A, Do Not Turn, Ch 1, Sc Around, Join with Sl St to beginning. = 81 sc

Row 24:  Ch 1, Turn, FPSC in each St Around. = 81 FPSC (Wrong Side Facing again)

Row 25:  Ch 1 Turn, *Sc in next 8 Sc, Decrease over the next 2 Sc’s* Around. Join with Sl St to top of beginning Sc. = 72 Sc

Rows 26 & 27:  Change to Color B,  Ch 1 Turn, Sc Around. Join with Sl St To beginning Sc. = 72 Sc

Rows 28 & 29:  Change to Color A, Ch 1, Turn, Sc Around, Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 72 Sc

Row 30:  Ch 1 Turn, FPSC in each St Around. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. – 72 FPSC.

Finish off and weave in ends.

Congratulations.. You have completed the Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy!

** To increase the length of your Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy, You can repeat row 16 as many times as desired.**

Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy Hat    Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie solid

Here you can see the difference between the Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy and the Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie…


Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy Hats - Free Pattern

Stop by the Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Page to see how you can make a difference!! Click here or on the tab at the top of the page


Happy Crocheting!!


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  1. Thanks for this great pattern! I love the different textures.

  2. Love the slouchy, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Love your crochet slouchy hat pattern! thanks for sharing with us!

  4. What an excellent hat! I’m adding this to my ‘must make list’ for certain.

  5. I am a member of ira rotts testing team. I test a new pattern every week so always have an eye out. I find a mistake in almost every one I do. I found 1 and maybe 2 in this one. At round 19 you say do not turn. I didn’t. You say every round until you switch yarns and say turn. you are supposed to be on the opposite side but every round says do not turn. I worked the whole shell section on the wrong side because it never said turn. Round 19 should say the. Also I have 28 shells not 27′. My stitch counts are exact. I took it out and redid it twice. Just thought you should be aware. I you’ve ever seen or of it as patterns they usually averAge 15-20 pages. The one I am doing now is 28. I am used to lots of detail. But I managed.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Hi Lori,

      Yes, previously caught the error in row 19 Regarding turning and it is already fixed. Thank you for letting me know… As far as the 27 vs the 28 shells. You are not correct on that one. The divisible amount for this pattern is by 3 for each shell. There is 81 Stitches in the previous rows so you will have 27 Shells. Im not sure what you are doing wrong there.. make sure on Row 19 you start with 27 Ch 2 spaces and on the rows previous to that you have 81 Sc or 81 FPScs. I really dont understand your last couple sentances, sorry.

      • pamela williams

        love this hat, is this for a large adult ?

      • Thank you so much again for graciously sharing your designs, your time and never asking anything in return. I told you before that I’m in awe of you and the devotion to your best friends battle with breast cancer, all free of charge and as always in memorium of your beautiful friend who fought and you fight along side her memory with every new design, with every stitch you create… Every time I see one of your designs for her battle, I feel just so much better, that she is still going on thru you, almost as if she’s holding the very same hook and creating and telling the story through your Hands,hands that I know held hers as she fought,as she laughed, as she cried,as she got angry, and the hands that held hers as she weakened and accepted what was to be. I don’t say much on here but I’ve worked most your patterns You so graciously share from your Amazing Grace designs in honor of your BFF And her journey with breast cancer and every time I feel your love and positive light and I feel her and her journey as each stitch is laid in place. To be able to connect like that is a gift you keep giving to all of us. I wish everyone had that ability to stop….to think…. To connect with each and every thread, every stitch, and to think about the reasons you choose each. And how much thought you put into each and every decision. To think about what it means to complete these projects and for whom? I’ve said this before and I’ll sAy it again and Again… Others are charging 4.00, 5.00, even 6.00 per pattern they’ve reposted, not even their own creations and filled with mistakes so bad I’ve had to throw good yarn out and here yours are .FREE, not even asking for a donation. Yours are original, well designed and written which is the hardest part to convey. I’ve never had any trouble following them and if a ” turn” or chain one here or there was left out after repeating it 124 times,it kinda goes without saying that the same applies, if you did it 123 times then a logical person could deduce the same applies to the 124th Time as well. A good rule of thumb is using your noggin and if 123 says turn, 124 says nothing but 125 says turn then one might deduce that the same applies, really not too taxing at all or if it looks funny or wrong then perhaps free thinking or winging it will get you around those seriously minor conundrums. I’m not even really very good at crocheting anymore due to An autoimmune disease / illness destroying my hands but I do so enjoy working your patterns just because they are meaningful..beautiful… And extremely accurate . Free is just a bonus. I’d gladly pay for your patterns and I know others whom follow you on here would as well. I think this is a labor of love for you therefore I have a feeling you would not sell your hard work but.. And I’m speaking for myself only., would like to see you have a donation button, where one , me, could donate to you to do as you wish with, whenever there was a few extra dollars to give. I don’t have much at all, a lot of My medications are not covered by insurance or I have a high copay on them( I take about 20 different meds daily) plus copays every month to four different specialist lol) but every now and then I have a few dollars to give and honestly you’re the most worthy person I can think of…, a lot of us know why
        You do what you do and wouldn’t think twice about donating when we can. I’m sure I’m not alone in my thought process as I see many people comment positively and feel the same way I do. Just keep on keeping on and I’m happy to follow and appreciate your work and why you do what you do! Xoxo

        • I also forgot to mention, like some of the others, I too lost a lot of hair due to being on methotrexate and long term prednisone so I especially loved this particular hat! Wicked cute and it made me look like I was just sporting a hat not covering bald splotches!

        • Beatrice Ryan Designs

          Thank you so much… those are such kind words… God gave me the gift to share and I do get some money now from the advertising I have recently placed on the site… I really dont mind at all doing the patterns for Free! I also have some medical issues and understand what goes with that ant the financial end… I hope somehow you get well again! Bless you!

  6. Hi Beatrice
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the patterns and raising awareness for this awful disease. I am a breast cancer survivor!!!! 5 yrs now and still going strong. I luv the slouchy hat. Of course I have all my hair back now but I bet it wuld have been super comfy. Thanks again to all of you who are apart of this community!

  7. These patterns are great. Back in June, I decided that as I make hats and scarves for myself as I go through Chemo, I would make at least one to donate for every one that I keep. We have a local center and I have given to them as they are in need of hats. Please keep the patterns coming.

  8. Paraskevi Chroni

    Hello, thank you for the patttern, it’s very pretty and I want to make one. Can you please tell me how long the slouchy is from top to bottom? Because if I want it longer, I should know it before I reach the last row so that I repeat row 16.
    Allow me another question too, I want to use a polyester yarn of 50gr/68m. Will it be ok?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      I no longer have the hat in my posession… So I cant measure… it is a medium slouchy hat though… and yes… polyester will work

  9. Rows 21 and 22 say to repeat Rows 19 & 20. We’re already using Color B, so I disregarded the “Change to color B” in Row 19. But 19 says to Ch 1 and Turn. Should I just Ch 1 and then disregard the TURN?

    Thanks for the great pattern. I’m just learning to do hats, and I plan to make some to donate once I get the sizing down.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Yes… on row 21 & 22 as far as the color,,, you are already using color B so you dont need to change to it… just continue with it… As far as the turn … And yes you will not turn for row 21 or 22… The pattern has been corrected

      • A beginner here trying to crochet this beautiful pattern for the second time… Could you please clarify rows 21 & 22 again? If we turn again for row 21 then we are now on the wrong side and again for row 22. This means that we stay on the wrong side for row 23 which means that if we turn as instructed for row 24, we won’t be on the wrong side as indicated but on the right side….could you please point my error?
        Much appreciated! Thanks for sharing and helping us along!

        • Beatrice Ryan Designs

          Thank you for checking.. Yes.. this was a misprint and I have now fixed row 21 & 22..

          • Thank you so much indeed! I’m excited to complete it. It is also encouraging that my skills at reading patterns is improving, finally! God bless you and your work!

  10. Susan Stanfield

    I have a real quandry, and not sure what to do about it. I was making this for my daughter because she wanted a slouchy. I was already on Row 19 when I showed it to her to see if she liked the colors, and showed her the picture. She said she likes it, but for me to make sure I make it fairly long. I know the instructions say to repeat Row 16 to lengthen the hat, but since I’m already beyond that point, what can I do now other than frog the whole doggone thing out, which would make me very unhappy. Is there another row where I can just continue it until it’s a little longer? Please help! This is my first slouchy to ever make.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      You can also repeat rows 19 and 20 an extra time or two… It may not look as pictured but I think it would look good with that type of increase too!!

      • Thank you so much! I was not wanting to tear all that out! After I get the slouchy done, I’m going to do the beanie!

  11. Hi what does “sk” mean in row 19?

  12. Ohh 🙂 thanks!
    How many times did you repeat row 16 to get the slouchy effect?

  13. Okay thank you very much 🙂

  14. Love your pattern but I have a bit of a problem it doesn’t look much like a hat right now and I don’t know if I did anything wrong. This is only my second project and it is my first hat and I am already on row 15. When is it supposed to look hat like?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      It may take a couple more rows to start shaping into a hat… It really comes together the last few rows…

      • I figured out what I had done wrong I had lost count in the beginning so it looked very weird but I started over again and now it looks awesome! Can’t wait till I’m done with it!

  15. Love the pattern! You have no gauge listed. Just knowing how I crochet using an I on worsted would end up huge for me. What gauge did you have?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      I just added it to the pattern.. but my personal gauge using Vanna’s Choice and a Clover Hook is 6 Hdc x 5 Hdc rows = 2″ x 2″.

  16. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your patterns. They are beautiful and well written. May God bless you in every aspect of your life. You are a beautiful and kind person. I pray that your health and finances flourish and Jesus enriches your life daily. Again, thank you and God bless

  17. Did you, by chance, draw up a chart for this? I am stuck on a part, and I find it easier to figure out where I got lost by locating it on a chart. Thank you so much for this pattern. My young sister-in-law will love this!

  18. Can you tell me when you are changing colors are you cutting the yarn or trying to carry it to the next time you use it? In case you can’t tell I’m pretty new at this. Beautiful pattern!

  19. I have a lot of scrap yarns that I think I can use for these hats. They are adorable and I want to make some with “male” colors and somr for women. Maybe even children. There is an Oncology clinic here and perhaps dropping some there and the hospital. Thanks so much for posting.

  20. The first thing I ever made as a gift was this hat and I had to make two because I couldn’t bear to give it away! This pattern blew me away, it’s so beautiful and not too …loud I guess is the word I’m looking for…and we’ll graceful! I have made a billion hats but this one will forever be my favorite.
    I’m a stay at home mom that lives and breathes crochet. When you become a parent you are given the best career ever, but you do lose a bit of who you are outside of that, when your office is your living room and cartoons and pajamas replace high heels and meetings. Dont get me wrong i am so grateful to be able to raise my kids with out missing first steps, words, boo boos and no day care bills, but being a stay at home mom is literally doing the hardest 24/7 job ever but feeling like you dont really do anything at all and almost feeling guilty when you dont shower til 4 or the house is messy thanks to a persistent 2 year old, even though you just cleaned an hour ago. Its hard to have an identity outside of paw patrol and slippers. So things like your blog, your work, and your success inspire me like i can’t explain. You have inspired me to be a better crocheter and write my own patterns and I’m so grateful for that!
    When the laundry is piled and my hair is a mess and the cheerios are everywhere …this is how I can be me again, not just mom.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Thank you!! I love to crochet too… I have worked outside of the home all my life… but would have love to stay home full time… I agree about the crochet keeping me who I am during insane life

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