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Amazing Grace Lace Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!!!

Amazing Grace Lace Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!!!

Amazing Grace Lace Scarf

Amazing Grace Lace Scarf… This beautiful, feminine scarf is the 25th free crochet pattern in the Amazing Grace Series that is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness!!!  To read more of the story and why I dedicate so many of my Free Patterns to Breast Cancer Awareness, Check out the Amazing Grace Free Pattern Page at the top of the website!!  This is a simple 2 row pattern repeat, it is so easy and quick..  It is also a one skein project using Red Heart Yarns Hygge Charm Yarn, this is a lovely, soft yarn with a bit of sparkle to it… Great gift idea or fashion statement for yourself!!!

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Yarn ~ 430 yards worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Hygge Charm Yarn in Meteor.

Hook ~ J


11″ x 80″ Blocked



Sk – Skip       St – Stitch     Sp – Space      Ch – Chain     Sc – Single Crochet     Dc – Double Crochet



Ch 38 sts

Row 1:  Sc in the second ch from hook and each across. = 37 sc

Row 2:  Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st 3 sts, *ch 5, sk 3 sts, sc in next st*, repeat *to* 7 more times, sc in last 2 sts. =13 sc & 8 ch 5 sps

Row 3:  Ch 3(counts as dc now and throughout), turn, dc in next 2 sts, ch 2, * sc in next ch 5 sp, 3 dc shell in next sc, sc in next ch 5 sp, ch 5*, repeat *to* 2 more times, sc in next ch 5 sp, ch 2, dc in last 3 sts. =6 dc, 4-3dc shells, 8 sc

Row 4:  Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st 3 sts, *ch 5, (sc,ch2,sc) in center st of next 3dc shell, ch 5, sc in next ch 5 sp*, repeat *to* 2 more times, (sc,ch2,sc) in center of next 3dc shell, ch 5, sc in last 3 sts. = 9 sc, 8 ch 5 sps & 4 (sc,ch2,sc)

Row 5-118:  Repeat rows 3 & 4

Row 119: Repeat row 3

Row 120:  Ch 1, sc in next 3 sts, sc in ch 2 sp, sc in next 5 sts, *3 sc in next ch 5 sp, sc in next 5 sts*, repeat *to* 2 more times, sc in ch 2 sp, sc in last 3 sts. = 37 sc

Finish off

Block in to shape.

Congratulation!!! You now have an Amazing Grace Lace Scarf!!!


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Happy Crocheting!!


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  1. To make this wider, for a 20” width prayer shawl, how many chains to start? Thank you. Beautiful pattern.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Since it is a free pattern, I don’t have different sizes available.. I think it may be increments of 4 .. give it a try no guarantee

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