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Crochet with Me… Week 10 CAL!!

Crochet with Me… Week 10 CAL!!

The finish line is in sight!!!  We have been crocheting for 10 weeks and this week we will be finishing up this fun Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket!!!  I hope you have had fun watching and crocheting along!!!  I love mine and it will be a treasure for sure around my house…

Here is my progress picture showing 22 sections completed… And our family dog Charlie,,, Always trying to get in the action!!  I think he would crochet if he could!!!


week 10 cal

Week 10 Crochet with Me Weekly Assignment…

This is it,,, We will be doing 2 more sections to make it 24 color sections and then the final rows as described in the pattern by A Creative Being… Click here to get the instructions!!

When you are done… Make sure to email me your picture to [email protected]!!  It has been fun seeing this great afghan in different color versions!!!


Next week I will post a final picture of mine and any others that have decided to share!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to begin our voting for Winter 2015 Crochet With Me CAL… I will be posting 7 different pictures and afghans to choose from… So don’t miss out!!


Happy Crocheting!!


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