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Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie

Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie

A brand new design, just in time for the cold days ahead!!  The Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie is the second piece in the Effortless Chic Series!!  This series is a Simple, Chic Style that will dress up your wardrobe with a fun, quick crochet design!!  The first pattern in the series is the Effortless Chic Headband… Stop by and check it out!!  Stay tuned in the next week for the 3rd pattern in this series!!


Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie

 Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie

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A Stylish Hat that is easy to make and is another 1 skein project!!!


Worsted Weight Yarn ~ Pictured above in Plymouth Yarn Encore Dynamo, color 020.  A wool~acrylic blend that is self striping yarn. 180 yards

Buy Now… 5 pk and make the matching Effortless Chic Poncho!!


Hook ~ I

2 Fancy Buttons (optional)

Yarn Needle and Scissors


Ch ~ Chain    St ~ Stitch    Sl St ~ Slip Stitch    Sc ~ Single Crochet    Dc ~ Double Crochet    FPHdc ~ Front Post Half Double Crochet    BPHdc ~ Back Post Half Double Crochet    Rev Sc ~ Reverse Single Crochet

*Special Stitch ~ X Stitch, This stitch pattern is formed by Skipping a stitch, Dc in the next stitch and then crossing back to the previous skipped stitch and making another Dc.. This forms an X Stitch.


*Tip, You will be making a rectangle to form the crown of the hat… Once the rectangle is complete, you will sew the ends together to form the crown of the hat. Then you will gather the top of the hat using a yarn needle to make an easy stylish top and the final step… you will make a brim using simple stitching.

Ch 25

Row 1:     Sc in the 2nd Ch from hook and each St across. = 24 Sc

Row 2:     Turn, Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), *Sk St, Dc in next St, Dc in previous skipped St to form an ” X St” *, Repeat * * Across and Dc in the last St. = 2 Dc and 11 X Sts

Rows 3-34:     Repeat Row 2. Finish Off leaving a long tail to sew the hat together.

This rectangle is approximately 21″ long and  8 1/2″ wide.  If  you need to make the hat smaller or larger, you can add or subtract the repeat of row 2.

Sewing the crown of the hat together. 

With tail and yarn needle, Sew Row 1 together with Row 34, being careful not to gather the seam.  Finish off and secure.  Turn you crochet piece so that the seam is on the inside of the hat.

Gathering the top of the Hat

You can choose either end of the hat to be the top.   With a long piece of yarn and your yarn needle, gather the top of the hat by weaving in and out of the row ends and drawing it tightly together.  Sew the gathered area with a few stitches to secure the top of the hat. Weave in ends.


*You will be working in the round and your first row will be made in the ends of the rows from the crown of the hat.  You will have 33 row ends form the crown base of the hat, row 1 of the crown will not be in this count as it was sewn together to form the crown of the hat.

With right side facing and the bottom of the hat upwards, Join the yarn with a Sl St to any row end space.

Row 1:     Ch 1, Evenly crochet 66 Sc around the bottom of the hat.  This is approx 2 stitches in each row end. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 66 Sc

Row 2 & 3:     Ch 1, Sc around. Join with Sl St to beginning.  = 66 Sc

Row 4:     Ch 2(counts as a Hdc), Hdc in each St around, Join with Sl St to top of Ch 2. = 66 Hdc

Row 5:     Ch 1, *FPHdc in first 2 Sts, BPHdc in next St*, Repeat around. Join to beginning.= 44 FPHdc & 22 BPHd

Row 6:     Ch 1, Sc in each St around. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 66 Sc

Row 7:     Ch 1, Rev Sc in each St around. Join to beginning. = 66 Rev Sc.

Finish off

Sew 2 Fancy Buttons on to the brim .

Congratulations!!  You have a Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie


As usual… Charlie insisted on photo bombing our photo shoot!!!  And…Thanks to my lovely model and youngest daughter Mackenzie for showing off my latest design!!

Charlie and Mac


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Happy Crocheting!!



  1. Your designs are wonderful. Directly after the Christmas season has ended I see my new year commencing with your patterns. I have arthritis so with braces on my wrists I crochet. Your will keep me limber.
    Love your site

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Thank you Joanne!!! I always love to see pictures of finished items… so if you want,, Post them to my Facebook or email them to me…

  2. I keep seeing this beanie everywhere I look and love it! I’m going to share it on my Facebook page. Keep up the great work and happy crocheting!

  3. When you dc, are you going through the top loop or both loops? Can’t wait to work this, I am using lion brand Landscapes yarn, see how it works. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you!

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      When reading a pattern you always go through both of the top loops unless otherwise noted to crochet if the front or back loop…. For this hat you are crocheting normally, there is no direction to go into only one loop. Hope that helps

  4. Hi I’m in Australia and trying to work out whether the DC you use is UK or USA. I researched where you are from and think it is US so I started with what is a treble in the UK where you yarn over twice to begin. The crossover stitch ended up very big. Could you please clarify if this is correct : to yarn over twice to begin the double crochet? Thank you

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      In the US a Double Crochet is YO, insert hook, YO, Pull up loop, YO Pull through 2, YO pull through last 2

  5. I made your Effortless Beanie for niece and I loved making it. I found your instructions clear and precise. I used a different yarn, some that I had left over from a shawl. I think that it turned out rater well! Keep those lovely patterns coming! I will try to add a picture to your facebook page so you can see it.

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