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Effortless Chic Poncho ~Free Crochet Pattern!

Effortless Chic Poncho ~Free Crochet Pattern!

A simple, yet classic poncho is a must for every wardrobe in 2015!  Start your year off with the Effortless Chic Poncho!!

The Effortless Chic Poncho is the 3rd pattern in this series,,, The same, simple stitching technique is used throughout the Effortless Chic line…. Worked in two rectangles that are joined to form a fun and chic poncho, with a classic neckline and edging.. This Poncho will work up in just a few hours and be ready to wear on the next chilly day!


 Effortless Poncho Free Crochet Pattern

Effortless Chic Poncho

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The Effortless Chic Poncho will fit an average size woman and by using a larger hook and/or bulky yarn you can make this project larger!


Yarn ~ 800 yards  of Worsted Weight Yarn ~ Pictured here in Plymouth Yarn Encore Dynamo, Color 020 (This is a Self Striping Yarn).

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Hook ~ J

Scissors and Yarn Needle


Sk ~ Skip     St ~ Stitch     Ch ~ Chain     Sl St ~ Slip Stitch     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet      Reverse Sc ~ Reverse Single Crochet

*Special Stitch ~ X Stitch, This stitch pattern is formed by Skipping a stitch, Dc in the next stitch and then crossing back to the previous skipped stitch and making another Dc.. This forms an X Stitch.


*Tip, You will be making two rectangles to form the poncho, working one horizontally and the other vertically… Once the rectangles are complete, you will sew them together to form a simple poncho shape… Don’t worryThere is a diagram to help you!  Once sewn you will crochet a simple neckline and edging to complete your project!

Each rectangle measures Approximately 16″ x 32″

First Rectangle:  Working in short rows

Chain 51

Row 1:     Sc in the 2nd Ch from hook and each St across. = 50 Sc

Row 2:     Turn, Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), *Sk St, Dc in next St, Dc in previous skipped St to form an ” X St” *, Repeat * * Across and Dc in the last St. = 2 Dc and 24 X Sts

Rows 3-56:     Repeat Row 2. Finish Off

Second Rectangle: Working in long rows

Ch 91

Row 1:     Sc in the 2nd Ch from hook and each St across. = 90 Sc

Row 2:     Turn, Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), *Sk St, Dc in next St, Dc in previous skipped St to form an ” X St” *, Repeat * * Across and Dc in the last St. = 2 Dc and 44 X Sts

Rows 3-25:     Repeat Row 2. Finish Off


Joining Rectangles:

Using a yarn needle and matching yarn, you will whip stitch the poncho into place…  Sewing a short end of Rectangle 2 to the long edge of Rectangle 1 as seen in the diagram is sewn to and a Short end of Rectangle 1 to the long edge of Rectangle 2, C is sewn to D. Tip… Sew from the outside towards the inside to make sure the edges of the poncho stay flush.  

 Poncho Diagram

Neck Edging:

Row 1: With the right side facing ( your seams will be on the inside of the poncho), Join with Sl St to the stitch closest to the  center of the “v” point on either side. Ch 1, Sc 48 evenly to the next center “v” on the other side. Sc 48 evenly around to the beginning Sc. Join with Sl St to beginning. =96 Sc

Row 2: Sl St in the next St, Ch 1 Sc in the next 46 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (these are the 2 stitches in the “v”), Sc in the next 46 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (the second “v”), Join to beginning Sc = 92 Sc

Row 3:  Sl St in the next St, Ch 1 Sc in the next 44 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (these are the 2 stitches in the “v”), Sc in the next 44 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (the second “v”), Join to beginning Sc = 88 Sc

Row 4:  Sl St in the next St, Ch 1 Sc in the next 44 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (these are the 2 stitches in the “v”), Sc in the next 42 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (the second “v”), Join to beginning Sc = 84 Sc

Row 5: This row is worked in Reverse Sc.  Ch 1, Sk first 2 Sts to your right (this is the “v”), Reverse SC in the next 40 Sts, Sk 2 Sts (this is the second “v”), Reverse Sc in the next 40 Sts. Join with Sl St to beginning. Finish off.

Effortless Poncho Neckline Effortless Poncho Stitching


Bottom Edge

With Right Side Facing and working along the bottom edge of the poncho

Row 1:     Join with Sl St in the center St of one of the points at the bottom edge of the poncho. Ch 1, Sc in the same St, Sc 135 evenly across to the stitch before the next point  of the poncho, 3 Sc in the St at the point. Sc 135 evenly across to the last St before the Beginning Sc (This will be the first point of the poncho), 2 Sc in the same St as the beginning Sc(, Join with Sl St . =276 Sc

Row 2: Sl St in the next St, Ch 1, Sc in the same St, * Ch 2, Sk next St, Sc in next St*, Repeat * * 68 times. (Your last Sc should be in the Center St of the 1st point)., Ch 2 Sc in same St, *Ch 2, Sk next St, Sc in the next St*, Repeat * * 68 times,(This last  Sc should be in the center of the 2nd point), Ch 2 Sc in same St,  Ch 2, Sk St and Join to beginning. = 140 Ch 2 Spaces.

Row 3: *3 Dc in the next Ch 2 Sp, Sl St in next Sc* Repeat * * 67 Times, 5 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp (this is the 1st point), *Sl St in next Sc, 3 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp* Repeat * * 68 times, Sl St in next Sc, 5 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp (2nd point), Sl St in next Sc, 3 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp, Join With Sl St to last Sc. Finish off. = 138-3Dc shells and 2-5 Dc Shells.

Congratulations!!!  You now have your own Effortless Chic Poncho!!

Effortless Poncho Free Crochet Pattern

Happy Crocheting!


And of course the usual Photo Bomb of Charlie!!

Effortless Poncho charlie

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  1. As usual, Charlie picked a beautiful yarn for your project 😉

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Lol… Yes he did Laurie… And,, He pushed me out of the way to go sit by the mannequin and get his picture done…

  2. loving the yarn, the colors, the style and the free pattern! Lovely poncho, love the drape. Appreciate your sharing the pattern with us!

  3. Thank you so much!! Another awesome design!! I have to make this one for ME. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll end up giving this one away, too. Have a great day!!!

  4. I love it. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for this lovely gift.

  5. Hiya
    If I wanted to make it bigger apart from using a larger hook what multiples would you recommend adding?
    Cant wait to start

  6. Love love love this poncho, but I’m wondering if you can help me. I’m plus sized and when I say that I mean really plus sized. So I want to make this and increase. I thought about doubling the size to 32×64, but perhaps that would turn out wacky. Do you have measurements of the finished piece? Or a suggestion on increasing? Even a paid pattern with sizes? Thanks for the free pattern and in advance of any answer! hugsnotdrugs Sarah

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Hi Sarah, I dont have alternate sizing… This would require much more work and since I only do free patterns, this is a one size. However, you can increase the size easily. You thought of 32* 64 may be a little to much… this poncho fits me7″ mid fore arm and the point is high thigh length. I am 5′ 7″ and average build. So you may only want to increase a few inches… To do that you will adjust your starting chains in increments of 2 chains at a time until the length of the chain is to your desired amount. You will just add additional rows to get it to the correct size rectangle… Thanks for loving the poncho

  7. JoAnneBakerSeiple

    When I first saw Charlie, I thought it was our boxer Ginger!! Love your things!

  8. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how to make the pattern for youth or junior size. Would you use a smaller hook or use same size hook and make smaller rectangles?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Either way would work… Depending on how Jr you need… If it is for a young teen… I would just go down hook sizing… anything smaller I would just make the rectangles smaller…

  9. I fell in love with this poncho! I just finished mine about a week ago and I love it! My hands have trouble with the “X” stitch, it hurts. Bummer, but I used DC and went for it! It was my first poncho, and I love it, love it, love it! Thank you for this lovely gift of another beautiful pattern! I did increase the length of the horizontally worked rectangle, as my rectangles weren’t going to be the same suze if I didn’t. Turned out perfectly for me!

  10. Hi Beatrice, I love this poncho. Where can I get the yarn you used. I love those colors! Thanks for the pattern.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      I bought mine at my local yarn shop… But some craft store do carry Plymouth yarns… or you can buy online.

  11. In my opinion, no poncho is complete without Charlie! Love the pattern, (and Charlie), thank you for sharing both!

  12. I am 5 foot and a size 16 top. Will this be a problem in fit? If so how can I change the pattern? I love this poncho and like the ability of wearing the point side to side or front to back. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I can’t wait to begin!!!!

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      It may work… It is very hard to know for sure… I wear a large and it was good…You can make each of the panels a bit bigger by using a larger hook to help…. The 2 panels need to be the same size so just keep that in mind…

      • Joanne McDaniel

        I will try the pattern as it is, and baste it together and see how it fits before the neck is attached. Will let you know if I need to shorten it. Thanks for your response and lovely pattern.

  13. Hi. Lovely pattern, I am making this for myself. But I was wondering… which is the “right” side of the rectangles, and does it matter which way it is sewn together? (i.e. Should the starting chain row end up and the neckline or the bottom edge? And the other one left or right?)

  14. Hello,

    I love the pattern and tried making it for my daughter. I finished the rectangles as directed and joined the two pieces. The neckline is off. My horizontally-worked piece (rectangle 2) is 4-5 inches shorter than the other. What did I do wrong and can you help me correct?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Both rectangles need to be the same size.. so it sounds like you needed to make the second chain longer or the 1st rectangle not as long… they should both measure just about 16×32 as stated in the pattern… So depending on the size of them… make the easiest adjustment…

  15. I see two different necklines here. Did you make them different or just join the rectangles in a different way

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      I think you are referring to the 2 different ways it can be worn… One is with the points facing front and back… the other way you can wear it is Points on the sides… Same Poncho

      • oh, ok, thank you for clarifying that. I had thought that maybe for the second one that looked like maybe a boat neck that the rectangles were sewn together with them put horizontally together one on top of the other and the middle left open for a neck opening. And I want to thank you for the pattern. My dh surprisingly asked me to make him a poncho for inside the house in the winter when it gets cold insideand he’s watching tv or on the computer. Of course he picked different colors but he liked this one immediately and told me that that’s what I could give him for Christmas.Thanks again

  16. I finished my first ever poncho today using your beautiful pattern. I am SO happy and pleased with how it turned out! I have been starting and frogging so many patterns because they just didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. This is a keeper!
    Thanks so much for your pattern!

  17. I finished the main part today and have the one seam done and the other pinned together. This turned out really small so I’m going to add a VERY wide edging to make it larger. I think the size I have now would fit maybe a 12 year old. I used worsted weight yarn and my rectangles are just an inch smaller on the chain side. I guess I must chain too tightly but they are the correct size the other way where I could crochet to the correct length. Anyway it’s a beautiful pattern and the size can be easily fixed by just making a wide edge. Thank you again for the free pattern.

  18. I was kind of disappointed though because I thought it was almost done and I could get to my other Christmas projects but at least the edging won’t take long.

  19. Thank you for the simple pattern. I have made 2 rectangles the same as I don’t trust my tension if I make a horizontal one. I was having difficulty in joining them but folding them into shape seems to work well and I also increased the length of the triangles for a less snug fit. Just the neck and hem to attempt next…..

  20. Thank you very much for sharing! I just made my first one but increased the size a bit and I’m very happy. I may add a little more edging in the back to keep my bum bum from getting too cold!

  21. Hi. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing the pattern.
    I am having a hard time joint the pieces and making that v point. Are both sides supposed to look the same? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  22. I am now working on my third poncho according to your instructions. The first one I used an L hook so it would be plenty large enough for me, and it was perfect. The second one I followed your instructions to the letter, and it was perfect for my size 10/12 daughter. This third one I am using the J hook again, but I’m attempting to increase the size of the rectangles. Here’s my question: I know the two rectangles need to be as close as possible to the same size. But if increasing the size, is it imperative to maintain the same ratio? For example, I’m nearing completion of the first rectangle. The width is 20 inches. Is it alright to make the other measurement about 34 inches? If I kept the ratios equal, I would have to make it 20 x 40, and that seems too large. Thanks

  23. Have you got a poncho that is crochet that no sewing is required p lease

  24. Rosemary Johnstone

    I have bulky yarn #6 from someone who wants this poncho, any suggestions how to keep the size correct. Love the pattern Thanks

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Im not sure how this will work out… You would have to change the stitch count extremely to do that… You can play with the gauge swatch to see what count you come up with.. but it is going to be hard to change

  25. Hi! I have TONS of yarn that was left to my by my mother in law. I love making kitty blankets for the shelters! I have been part of the TX Department of Welfare’s Rainbow Rooms for a year or so. We make donations of children’s items that they may need when they are taken from an abusive home and are waiting to go into foster care. Our Quilt Bee also makes flannel blankets for other needy families. I have made many lightweight blankets which are needed by the babies, but we have seen some of the mother’s take a scissor and cut a hole in them to make them into a poncho for their older kids…so! I’m going to give this pattern a tray so I can donate them. I will experiment with smaller sizes too. So pretty. Thank you for this free pattern.

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