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Amazing Grace Headband… Free Crochet Pattern!!

Amazing Grace Headband… Free Crochet Pattern!!


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The Amazing Grace Headband is another Free Pattern in my Amazing Grace Series…  This series was designed in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Please consider donating pieces from this series to benefit those who are suffering or recovering from Breast Cancer.


Amazing Grace Headband



Worsted Weight Yarn 160 yards or less

Hook Size: H

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Level:   Easy

Gauge: 10 Dc x 5 Rows = 3″ x 3″


St – Stitch     Sl St – Slip Stitch    Ch – Chain     Sc – Single Crochet     HDC – Half Double Crochet     DC – Double Crochet

Reverse Sc (Work a single crochet in the opposite direction,,, working in stitches to the right instead of to the left)

* Pattern will be worked in the round unless otherwise noted.


Ch 72,  Join with Sl St to beginning of Chain.  Be very careful not to twist the chain when joining.


Row 1:  Ch 1, Sc in same as joining and each St around. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 72 Sc


Row 2:  Ch 1, Sc in 1st St, Ch 2, Sc in same St, Skip 2 Sts, *Sc in Next St, Ch 2, Sc in same St, Skip next 2 Sts* Around. Join to 1st Sc. = 24 Ch 2 Sp


Row 3:  Sl St in 1st Ch 2 Sp, Ch 3, (counts as 1st Dc now and throughout), 2 Dc in same Sp, *3 Dc in next Ch 2 sp (Shell Made)* Around. Sl st to top of Ch 3. = 24 Dc Shells


Rows 4-7: Repeat rows 2 and 3  two more times.


Row 8:  Ch 1, Sc in same as joining and each around, Join with Sl St to 1st Sc. = 72 Sc.


Row 9:  Ch 1, Reverse Sc around, Join with Sl St to  1st Rev Sc. = 72 Rev Sc. Finish off


Row 10:  Turn work over.  With right side facing,  join with Sl St to any St of Foundation Chain. Ch 1, Reverse Sc around. Join with Sl St to 1st Rev Sc. = 72 Rev Sc.  Finish off and weave ends in.


wpid-IMG_20130929_133240_390-1.jpg    wpid-IMG_20130929_133338_253-1.jpg


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***This pattern was designed in memory of my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb, In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.  If you have the opportunity to donate a  headband from this pattern it would be greatly appreciated!!****


Elena Hunt, Beatrice Ryan Designs


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful crochet patterns!

  2. I love these headbands Elena! Thank you for such a great pattern.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pattern.

  4. Sharing your talent and skills with others is a lovely living tribute to your friend. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  5. there’s no gauge so is there a way to know what the finished size is supposed or the gauge. I have a tendency to crochet very tightly. Thanks

  6. Hi Elena 🙂 I tried to email you at the google email addy but it wouldn’t go through – I had requests on my FB page for the finished dimensions of the headband and the gauge – so the pattern could be used with different yarns, etc – I wasn’t sure if it would be the same gauge info as was posted on Ravelry for the hat? or if it would be different so I wanted to double check before I gave them an answer 🙂 These are lovely headbands!! Rhondda

  7. Thank you for sharing your headband patterns. I am going to make some for my grand daughters and some to donate. Where do you suggest I donate them to?

  8. Reblogged this on ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs and commented:
    Another great free pattern from Elena! Amazing Grace headbands!

  9. i love your patterns i really would like to make some of your headbands but when i try to save them it doesn’t come though…

    My family used to live at Mt.Shasta for 1 summer. my family was loggers up there..

    • I’m not sure how you are trying to save them… so I cant help there… You may want to try to copy and paste it to a word document.

      I have lived in Mt Shasta most of my life… We have a family business here since 1945.

  10. Thanks so much, for this great headband pattern…..GOD BLESS

  11. lovely pattern thank you so much

  12. This is really cute. I am a breast cancer survivor, and appreciate your support!

  13. Elena, these are terrific. Thank you!

  14. What kind of yarn is used for these lively headbands?

  15. Amanda Williams

    Thanksforthepatter. I loveit?

  16. I love them Elena 🙂 Thank you for linking up at the party and helping me with the gauge information for facebook 🙂 Your pattern link was shared like crazy! It is a fabulous and pretty headband! Rhondda

    • Thank You!!!! It has been doing really well… I have 2 more patterns in the Amazing Grace series coming soon and a Great hat pattern that will be for sale… I love all the networking and sharing… Your sight is such a blessing!

  17. Amazing pattern! Thank you very much!! 🙂
    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog

    YouTube Channel

  18. Thank you very much for posting! 🙂
    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog

    YouTube Channel

  19. These are wonderful Elena, and for such a great cause. Thank you so much for the pattern xxx

  20. Barbara Hawthorne

    Thank you Elena for your amazing patterns. My only regret is, I can’t find a way to print them out. Writing them down is difficult for me. Am I missing something? A link somewhere? All your crochet is beautiful, I’d really like to see if I can whip some of your beautiful pieces myself. My sister-in-law, Ronelle Nichols introduced me to your site and, I’ll forever thank her.

    • If you copy and paste it to a word document, then you can print it from there.. If you cant figure it out let me know and I will copy it and email a document to you!

      Thank you so much!

      • Barbara Hawthorne

        That worked! Thanks Elena. I guess that is the way to print all your free patterns? I’m surprised all your followers have figured that out for themselves. …..dodo me!

        • I have alot of questions about downloading and printing them… But I have been a secretary for 25 years and I do that technique alot… Im not sure everyone knows that… My paid patterns will be downloadable and printable though and eventually I may do the same with the free patterns…Thank you so much for following!

  21. Congratulations! You submitted the most clicked projects for Link & Share Wednesday Week 10!! Rhondda

  22. Thank you so much for this beautiful and free pattern! I’m crocheting charity items for the homeless and working poor, and this would be perfect! 🙂

  23. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  24. A very beautiful and creative pattern. Will make 1 for my daughter and make 1 for my self.

  25. Oh my … I just love your style! I really really enjoy the faster smaller items with Christmas coming soon -Thank you bunches for helping take the pressure off 😉
    My 10 yr old daughter is learning crochet now & she’s following me on your free patterns! Yay! When we’ve made a biggie handful each we’re headed to donate (lotsa prs slippers ready) & now we found you and your awesome style with free patterns!! ! God bless you & yours!! THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU

  26. Hi, i really like this pattern but i think I need to make it bigger (maybe due to the yarn I am using). Do you know how many stiches/pattern I need to add to increase the size? Otherwise I thought of not making it on the arpund anf adding elastic. Can i work it that way as well? Thx

  27. I copied your pattern and made one for my daughter, who fell in love with it. she suggested I make a ribbon to go with it. which I created. I looks awesome. several ppl have liked it and want to purchase.

    I am currently working out with a friend where donations are to be sent to and can amazing graze be used with the cancer ribbon of other types of cancer since it is for breast cancer? I searched the colors of the different types.


    • Oh it is so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. You can use amazing grace for any cancer or any charity and for sale if you like. I just am partial to breast cancer due to my dearest friend having it… Thank you for using this pattern and donating too!

  28. I am working the pattern like it is written and it is too small. Is this pattern for kids, teenagers or adults?

    • It is an adult pattern… Did you check your gauge? and did you make sure you have 24 Shells going around. If your gauge is off you just need to use a bigger hook. Some yarns also work up smaller. In that case you can switch yarns or up the hook size.

  29. Thank you. I am having trouble with the end. I should slipstich to the original chain, but how do I do that without the yarn going across the whole band? Sorry, I am just a bit confused on what to do on round 10. I do understand the reverse single crochet though.

    • Row 9 finishes off the top of the headband… it states to finish off… So you will cut your yarn and weave the end in. Row 10 you will join to the bottom of the headband using a Sl St… Then you just do the Rev SC around the bottom of the headband too… I hope that helps

  30. Thank you for the pattern. I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my mother to breast cancer.

  31. Thankyou for sharing this pattern. I have been looking for multiple patterns to use for a Breast Cancer walk that my work is donating home made scarves and hats too. I think this will be great because some people (myself included) do not necessarily want a full hat but still want to keep their ears warm. 🙂

  32. I am a novice and left handed as well. I have difficultly reading/following patterns do you have this pattern on youtube or somewhere that I could follow visually. It is a lovely headband and I would like to try it but just have that problem. Thanks

  33. Bonnie McCauley

    Do I have to be signed into an account in order to print your patterns ??? I can print my patterns, all except for yours,I love your patterns, please help!!

    • There is no signing in…1. you can hit the print button at the bottom of the post, or 2. Copy the URL of the page you want to print and go to printfriendly.com and enter the url and it will let you print from there or 3. you can copy the text from the page by hitting CTRL C and highlight the text and paste into a word document…

  34. Hello it’s me, I am also visiting this web site regularly, this web site is really nice and the viewers are actually sharing
    good thoughts.

  35. Beautiful items.

  36. Wow! I love this pattern….I have to modify it though, I want to work in rows, not rounds, add buttons at one end and loops at the other. Hopefully I’ll be able to write out my pattern modifications and take a picture of the finished headband to share with you. I really love this pattern, thank you so much for posting it for free

  37. New to crochet. I was wondering how you would modify this for a toddler? I would like to make it for my niece but I’m not sure how to go about that? Thanks for any help!

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      If I wanted to make this adjustment… I think the easiest way would be to by dk weight which is slightly smaller yarn,,, Then I would go down a couple sizes in the hook.. That will make it smaller with out having to adjust the pattern

  38. I tried to make this for my daughter (who has a very small head). I used a size G hook red heart super saver yarn. Chaining 72 was still way too big for her head. 🙁 Is there a multiple + that I can use to adjust it to fit smaller heads? Thank you!

  39. Love this pattern! Made it for my SecretSanta gift, with a beenie to match! Pictures when i finish the beenie!

  40. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed
    information you provide. It’s good to come across a
    blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Great read!
    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to
    my Google account.

  41. I’m making a bunch of these and donating them to Relay For Life cancer awareness in April for them to sell. Thanks for the pattern

  42. Thank you so much for the free pattern. I am a survivor. After I retire next year, I plan to take my puppet, Clara, to hospitals to entertain children and adults while they are having treatments. Many blessings to you!

  43. I just made the Amazing Grace Headband…I am a breast cancer survivor and would like to make morebto donate…but I have no idea where to donate them to any help would be greatly appreciated

  44. Hi,
    I’m a “not so good” novice at crochet but your pattern is so pretty that I thought I’d take a go at it. So I picked the headband since I thought it would be the easiest. I’m a visual learner and am having problems already and was wondering if you have a video on how to do the stitch (especially when coming to the end of the circle and joining? Thank you so much for the beautiful free pattern. I think it’s wonderful that you have done it for charity. I understand losing someone you love to cancer. I lost my mom when I was 20 to lung cancer and 2 close friends to breast and a rare form of cancer.

  45. Beatrice Ryan Designs

    Thank you for giving the pattern a try!! Currently I do not have a video, so sorry! I am also very sorry for your losses!!

  46. Thank you for getting back with me. Would you let me know if ever make one? That would be great!


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