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Are you ready for a fun Crochet Along??

Are you ready for a fun Crochet Along??

I have been keeping a secret!!!  Are you ready??

If you love to crochet and want to have some fun with a great group of yarn-a-holics… Join me in a really fun, summertime Crochet Along…

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Lion Brand Yarn has asked me (wow… double wow) to host a very special Crochet Along for them over on their website… And best of all… YOU GET TO JOIN ME!!!!


Over the next 2 weeks you can vote for one of the four patterns they have selected for us to make this summer…  Then starting later this month they will announce the winning pattern and in July… We will get crocheting…

Once the Lion Brand Yarn Crochet Along has started you will follow along with me on their blog… Don’t worry… I will post the link right here each week!!!  They will have tons of ways for us all to stay connected during this event…

So… Follow the link below to see you choices and get voting!! Also… you can hop over to my Facebook page tonight and let me know which pattern you love!!!  I will have a little fun post dedicated to it each week…

Click Here to see all 4 Crochet Along choices on Lion Brand Yarns website…


Happy Crocheting!!


  1. Why are all of the patterns, except one, difficult? I’m newer to crochet & would live to join a CAL, but they are usually intermediate. Also, there’s only one in a 3x! That’s also the one that is easier, so I guess I’ll vote for it. I like the other designs better though. I’m hoping I can figure out how to vote b/c that sweater doesn’t show up on a mobile screen format for voting. Sigh…

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      This is a Lion Brand Event… They carefully chose the patterns in their library according to popularity… We will be working step by step with you through this CAL if decide to join and answering questions along the way… I will let them know it isnt showing right in mobile!!

      • Thanks! I can only see 2 of the choices vertically & horizontally, I only see 3. Is it difficult to make a pattern like the tunic larger? I haven’t made clothes yet w/crochet, so I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

        Oh, I know that LB picks the patterns. Nothing against you! Just wish more sizes were available in some of these cute patterns. You are very talented. I’ve seen your work! I’m sure nothing intimidates you! 😉

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