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How To Add Color To Your Crochet!!!

How To Add Color To Your Crochet!!!

With so many choices of wonderful yarns and colors,,, How do you possibly choose a color theme for your project??  Today I have a few tips to help you out!!

One of the easiest ways I choose colors is by heading to the yarn store and just browsing.  Once I find the type of yarn I want for my project I start lining the different colors up in my shopping cart.  Mixing and matching, changing the order of the skeins until I get something I like!!

2015-09-06 11.58.33These will make a great fall project!!


Another fun idea is to find a picture of something you find visually pleasing…  Then you can match colors up from the picture to inspire your next project!!

IMG_20150601_175434yarnSee what fun you can have??


A very artistic way is to use a color wheel or a website that automatically shows you color combinations… I  have been using one online… Paletton!!  Hop over  and play with it for a bit… They have lots of ways to make great color  choices.  Then you just find the yarn in the same tones and you are set!!




I hope this is helpful and you will have some fun next time your are choosing your yarn!!


Happy Crocheting!!



  1. It’s great to hear other ideas, so thanks Elena! If you’re looking for fresh Palette ideas, then design-seeds.com is another, wonderful resource. I use it all the time as it inspires me. 😀

  2. Very helpful. Thank you

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