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Amazing Grace Baby Blanket

Amazing Grace Baby Blanket

The Amazing Grace Baby Blanket is the 8th pattern in the Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series!   All of the patterns in the Amazing Grace Series have the same signature stitch pattern and are dedicated to Cancer Awareness.  This adorable baby blanket was designed for children and babies who are suffering or recovering from any illness or tragedy. Along with all the other Amazing Grace Free Patterns, I encourage you to make these for yourself and to pay it forward by donating a finished item to someone who is suffering or recovering from illness…  It also makes great gifts and is fun and easy to make!!


Amazing Grace Baby Blanket

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Worsted Weight Yarn – 5 Colors – 256 Yards Each

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I used Red Heart Soft Baby Steps ~ 1 skein each White, Lime, Strawberry, Lavender and Aqua

Hook Size I




41″ x 38″



St – Stitch     Sl St – Slip Stitch     Sk – Skip       Ch – Chain      Sc – Single Crochet     Dc – Double Crochet     Hdc – Half Double Crochet


*Make 4 Strips -Approx. 7″ x 35″ each

Amazing Grace Strips

Chain 33

Row 1:     Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sk 1 St, *(Sc, Ch 2, Sc) all in the next St, Sk 2 Sts*, Repeat * * across to the last 3 Sts(you will have skipped 2 Sts leaving 3 more stitches),  make one more (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) in next St, Sk 1, Sc in the last St. = 10 (Sc,Ch 2, Sc) spaces and 2 Scs

Row 2:     Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and throughout), Turn, *3 Dc in next Ch 2 Space (shell made)*, Repeat  * *across, Dc in last St. = 2 Dc and 10 Shells

Row 3:     Ch 1, Turn, Sc in 1st St, Sk 1 St,  (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) in next St (This is the center stitch of the shell), *Sk 2, (Sc, Ch2, Sc)in next St* Repeat * * 8 more times, Sk 1 St, Sc in last St. = 2 Sc  and 10 (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) spaces.

Rows 4 – 69:     Repeat Rows 2 and 3

Row 70:     Repeat Row 2  *Note the right side of the strip is now facing you… This is important for joining!



*Important*  When joining make sure all the strips are facing the same direction with Row 70 for each strip  at the top!

To Join:     With white yarn and first 2 strips right sides up and strips next to each other, you will be working up the sides of the rows. Join with Sl St to bottom corner (row 1) of 1st strip, Ch 1, Sc in same St, Ch 1, Sc in 1st St of 2nd Strip (See Photo).


Joining Strips

Now to continue joining… *Ch 1, Sc in Dc Row space on first strip, Ch 1, Sc in Dc Row space on Second strip(directly across from each other), Ch 1, Sc in Sc Row space of  first strip, Ch 1, Sc in Sc Row space of 2nd Strip (directly across from each other again)* See Photo. Repeat* * to top of strips. Sc in top of 1st strip, Ch 1, Sc in top of 2nd Strip. Finish off.   *Make sure to Ch 1 after each Sc stitch to keep the joining stitches nice and flat. = 142 Sc total


joining strips (2)

Join other strips in the same manner.


With white yarn, Join with Sl St to  top right corner of blanket.

Row 1:     Ch 1, Sc in Same St, *Sc in each St across the top of the 1st strip (32 Sc per Strip), Sc 2 Sts evenly across the joining section*, Repeat * * across to 1st corner, (132 Sc across the top edge, not including Corner Sts), 3 Sc in 1st corner, Working down the side of rows, Sc 105 evenly to 2nd corner, Sc 3 in 2nd Corner, Sc 132 evenly across the bottom to corner, 3 Sc in 3rd corner, Sc 105 evenly up the side of rows to last corner, 2 Sc in 4th corner, Join with Sl St to 1st Sc to complete 4th corner. = 486 Sc

Row 2:     Ch 2(counts as Hdc now and throughout), *Hdc in each St across to corner, 3 Hdc in corner*, Repeat * * Around, Ending with 3 Hdc in last corner. Join to beginning Ch 2 with Sl St.  = 494 Hdc

Row 3:     Repeat Row 2 = 504 Hdc

Row 4:     Repeat Row 2 = 512 Hdc

Row 5:     Ch 1, Sc in same St and each St across to corner, 3 Sc in corner, *Sc across to next corner, 3 Sc in corner*, Repeat * * Around. Join with Sl st to beginning Sc, finish off.  = 520 Sc


Congratulations… You now have an Amazing Grace Baby Blanket!!!

*To modify this blanket into an adult size afghan,,, You can add more rows to each strip to obtain the desired length.  And make as many strips as you like for the width!!

Amazing Grace Baby Blanket close up

Happy Crocheting!!




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  1. Lovely baby blanket. This may become my new go-to baby gift. Thanks also for giving instructions to make it larger. I’m sure these will come in handy for less experienced crocheters.

  2. I love this and I think that I will use it as a lapghan that I make for donations

  3. Very beautiful! Thanks for the free pattern and great pictures.

  4. Aww, this is so cute !! Love the name too !!

  5. Wow , top mooie deken , heel erg bedankt voor het patroon

  6. Hi BRdesigns: after I finish row 1, I don’t end up with 10 spaces… only 7. What am I doing wrong? I’m dying to make this baby afghan but I am stuck at the beginning. Is there a video tutorial for your signature stich? Thanks so much! Becca

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      There could be several things you are doing wrong to get that problem… You most likely are either not skipping the stitches correctly or you are putting the (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) in more than one stitch…That all goes in one stitch… so you will have 2 sc’s with the ch 2 all in one stitch…

  7. The baby blanket is just so pretty and I love the way it is joined. Different than the usual crochet together and it just makes it pop, especially when joined with a different color.

  8. Hello Beatrice,
    thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern! I am planning to make this for a two year old baby that has had open heart surgery when she was just a year old and continues with health problems. I chose this for its meaning and the name since her family is very religious.
    I wanted to ask you if u ever made this in continuing stripes instead of strips to be joined.
    I have tried in the past other patterns with strips to be joined but I wasn’t successful since some come out different in sizes.
    Would U please help me figure out how many chains to start with and how many rows for each color I would need.
    Thank you and Gob Bless.
    Gina S.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      You can just add up how many of those strips you like and times your chains by the original pattern… Im not sure how wide you want it… so I cant estimate the number… but if you like the Amazing Grace shawl… it may be the right witdth for a baby blanket you would just make it however many rows you want…

      • Thank you! I was thinking on 50×40( so she can still use it even when shes a little older) and i would double up on the yarn (2 Skeins of each color)!
        Thanks again

  9. Your patterns are inspiring, love them and cannot wait to get started on the Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Christy Hitchings

    I cannot be this to come out right I haveulled it out and started over several times my ends are crooked or my rows are

  11. Christy Hitchings

    I cannot get it to come out right sorry I had a typo on my last comment

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      If I were to take a guess you are skipping or adding stitches. At the end of each row check your stitch count, if it is incorrect it will help to see how much you are missing per row.. It’s easy to not get the first or last stitch, or you may be doing the stitches in row 2 incorrectly… that is an area many people miss read…

  12. I love this pattern, and would like to make it bigger and in other colors for my kids and grand kids, if its ok with you.

  13. Ww how wide is each strip. When I read the pattern I. Ant figure it out. I’m fairly new at this, and get confused easily. Looks like a great blanket.

  14. Please help me with row 2. Is there a video instruction I can watch? I’m having trouble figuring out the whole thing after the turn. Your assistance would be most appreciated.

  15. Juanita Burns-Bergstrom

    I love your patterns but I really need to be able to print them. Is there a way that I can print your free patterns

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      I only have a few available in PDF… You can go to the Paid Patterns and see if what you want is there… I am working my way through my free patterns and offering them in PDF.. But it is time consuming

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