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Simply Shells Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!!

Simply Shells Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!!

Simply Shells Scarf

The Simply Shells Scarf is a quick and easy 2 row repeat pattern!  Using Caron Cakes Self Striping Yarn, this does all the color work for you… Whip this up as a gift or just for yourself!

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383 yards  – Cakes worsted weight yarn in Red Velvet

J hook


6″ x 82″ Blocked


Ch – Chain

Sk – Skip

St – Stitch

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Sc – Single Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Shell – 5 dc in designated st

X- St – Sk st, dc in next st, dc in previous sk st


Ch 21

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each across. = 20 sc

Row 2:  Ch 3(counts as dc now and throughout), turn, sk 1 st, *shell in next st, sk st, X st, sk 1 st*, repeat *to* 2 more times, shell in next st, sk st, dc in last st. = 4 shells, 3 X sts & 2 dc

Row 3:  Ch 1, turn, sc in next st, *ch 1, sk 2 sts, sc in next st, ch 1, sk 2 sts, sc in next 2 sts*, repeat *to* 2 more times, ch 1, sk 2 sts, sc in next st, ch 1, sk 2 sts, sc in last st. = 12 sc & 8 ch 1 sp

Row 4:  Ch 3, turn, *sk ch 1, shell in next sc, sk ch 1, x st in next 2 sc’s* repeat *to* 2 more times, sk ch 1, shel in next sc, sk ch 1, dc in last st. = 4 shells, 3 Xst & 2 dc

Rows 5-50: Repeat rows 3 & 4

Row 51: Repeat row 3

Row 52:  ch 1, turn, sc in each st and sp across. = 20 sc


Row 1:  Ch 1, turn, *sc in st, ch 8, sl st in same st*, repeat *to* across. = 20 ch 8 loops

Finish off

Join yarn with sl st on opposite end

Repeat Row 1

Finish off

Block scarf into shape

Congratulations!!  You now have a Simply Shells Scarf!!

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Happy Crocheting!!


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  1. This is a beautiful pattern. I absolutely love it and hope to make some of these for the upcoming holiday season. Unify, I am drawing a blank with row 2. I understand to skip the first stitch and dc in the next. Then it calls for a shell in the next stitch which would be 5 dcs. Then skip the next stitch and then X stitch. That’s were my brain is coming in. Where does the X stitch actually go? Would you happen to have a video or chart so my mind can visualize it. I’m sure it’s not the way the pattern is written. It’s just my brain not wanting to comprehend how to do it.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance. I am really anxious to get started on your beautiful pattern.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      So you are doing the shell, skipping a stitch, then working the x stitch inthe next 2 sts, For the x you skip a stitch(not the one you just skipped), dc in the next st, then go back and dc in the stitch you just skipped..

  2. Hi there,
    Will you be doing in the future any C2C patterns, for advance level

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