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Crochet with Me!!! Mystery Afghan CAL… Week 10!

Crochet with Me!!! Mystery Afghan CAL… Week 10!

Well, this is it.. Week 10 and the final instructions of this years Crochet with Me!!! Mystery Winter Afghan CAL… I have had so much fun making my project in 2 color schemes and I love all of your color choices too!

So.. This week is just one quick round, then blocking… See below for the rules to enter the Grand Prize Givaway too!

This was a 10 week CAL, plus the finale post(Fan Gallery and Grand Prize Winner Announcement)… If you are interested in making this CAL, each weekly post will remain in the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page! For those of you who made this with me… Make sure to show off your pic on the Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL Facebook Group .

These are style A border in the self stripping neutral color scheme… I loved the way this double thick border turned out!

These are the style B border in the scrapbusting color theme… I love this one so much too!

For Easy access, make sure to add this to your Ravelry favs and queue!… Click Here!!!

Now for some of the details:

This year the project is worked in the round, turning over each round(unless indicated differently). It is a Square Afghan approx. 65″ x 65″ (both of mine turned out slightly larger). You can make it in your choice of worsted weight yarn #4. Stashbuster, Ombre’, Self- Striping or even a color theme… At least 2 colors are recommended.


Style A uses an I Hook, Style B uses your H Hook

You will continue to use your contrasting color for the border

Week 10 size – Style A double thick border after blocking 69″ x 69″, Style B whimsical border after blocking 72″ x 72″ … Different yarns and tensions may make your slightly different..

Week 10 Stitches:

Style A – Sl St – Slip Stitch St – Stitch

Style B

Ch – Chain   St – Stitch Sk – Skip   Sl St – Slip Stitch   

Sp – Space   Sc–Single Crochet  

Week 10 Border Instructions: Continue with Style A or B

Style A is a Double Sided Border, one side worked on the wrong side and one worked on the right side then joined at the top edge. This is a double thick boarder much like the satin blanket binding you would sew on both sides of a blanket edging found on baby blankets or quilts. It is a great technique and many people use this when they have a lot of tails left on the ends.. You dont have to weave those ends in when using this technique

Now the style A border will enclose both sides or the work you did in week 8 and 9. Any tails can be enclosed with in this double thick edging, no need to weave them in.

Style B is a whimsical style, much like any other of my edging designs on past afghans.

Week 10 Style A Instructions:

*This week you will be stitching the two sides together at the top

Joining Round

Holding both sides together and working into the top of round 5(front side of border) and 8(back side of border), Join yarn in any corner sts(front and back border) with a sl st through both sets of stitches, lining up your sides together, sl st the sides together all the way around your afghan to enclose the two sides in the top of both sides of the boarders.

Finish off

Block your afghan either with the wet method or steam method to shape it and lock it into shape!

Congratulations!!! You are now done if you did style A border!!!!!

Week 10 Style B Instructions:

Round 7: Do not turn, Ch 1, *sc in st, ch 3, sk st, (sc,ch3,sc) in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, sl st in next sc*, repeat *to* 24 more times, {sc in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, ch 3, sk st, (sc,ch3,sc) in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, sl st in next sc, repeat *to* 25 times}, repeat {to} 2 more times, sc in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, ch 3, sk st, (sc,ch3,sc) in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, ch 3, sk st, sc in next st, sl st in next sc, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 104 (sc,ch3,sc), 216 ch 3, 104 sl st, 216 sc

Finish off

Block your afghan either with the wet method or steam method to shape it and lock it into shape!

Congratulations!!! If you made style B you are now all done!!!

Now for the Grand Prize information….

Grand Prize – There will be a $50 Amazon Gift Card for 1 lucky winner at the end of the CAL. The grand prize will be drawn on Monday April 26th 2021. The original date was April 18th… Due to delays, I have given more time to complete your project .

To be eligible, you must email a picture showing your project completed through week 10 and permission to use your photo on beatriceryandesigns.com by Sunday April 25th, 2021 at 11:59pm PST To: [email protected]. Entries will be numbered by the order they arrive and the number will be drawn using a random number generator.

Dont forget to continue to share your progress photos in our Facebook group if you are behind or start at a later date… I love to see them!

Thank you everyone for participating!!! I have had so much fun this year with all of you!

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I hope you love this project!!  Make sure to share your finished projects on my Beatrice Ryan Designs Facebook Page and make sure to share around social media too! Why share?? Because it shares our Love of Crochet!!

Happy Crocheting!!


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