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2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL Season 1 Day 5!!!

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL Season 1 Day 5!!!

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL Season 1 Day 5!!! It feels so great to be crocheting an afghan on these cold Winter days in Northern California! We are now on Row 5/Day 5, and seeing a bit of fun color changes on our project!

It is never to late to join in on the CAL, I hope you do! Below is all the information you need to participate, so make sure to read through!

As a reminder, this temperature afghan is a 7 row repeat project, but rows 1 and 2 are not part of the repeat. Over the first 9 rows, there will be a post for each day to get you through the first repeat section. After the first 9 days you will continue to do the 7 row repeat throughout. I will post my weekly progress photos and fun posts each week.

If you missed the material list click here, if you missed Row 1 instructions click here! ,  Row 2 instructions click here!, Row 3 instructions click here! or Row 4 instructions click here! You can find all the CAL posts in the Crochet with Me tab at the top.

Make sure to add this to your RAVELRY Favorites for easy access too, Click Here!

Q & A

  • Do I need to use the Hobby Lobby I Love Yarn? – No, you can use any brand and either use colors that are the same tone or make up your own color scheme
  • What if my temperatures are lower or higher than in the range posted? – You can adjust your range by moving the color scale up or down. If you want to use a smaller range, you can use smaller increments too and use less yarn colors. I have adjusted my personal scale to fit my local area and the sample of mine is below.
  • How does a 4 Season project work? – A season is a 3 month period, you can stop at the end or each season or continue and make 2 seasons together or continue and make the full year. You can also make each season and join them together later.
  • How do you know what temp to use each day? -You can use a weather app such as Weather.com to track your local temps. You can choose a time of day to look, the high or low or the average. Weather.com also has a monthly calendar so you can see the temp history incase you miss a day. Also, you can choose to just use the temps in your hometown or you can use them for where you are each day at the time you choose.
  • Joining new colors? -You will finish off each row leaving your tail. Without turning for the next row you will move to the first stitch on the righthand side and join your yarn. Another words, you will always work/start your new row on the right side.
  • How large will this be? – This temperature afghan project is worked length wise, so it will be approximately 65″ long not including fringe. The width for each season will be approximately 30-36″ wide depending on your tension. If you do a full year the width will be extra large somewhere around 125″, the original 65″ is the same and then you may use the lengthwise direction differently than if you stop at the seasonal lapghan style.
  • How do I join? – EASY, you can just come back here anytime and scroll through the feed, go to the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page and get all the posts, Use the “Stay Connected” form on the right sidebar to get all posts by email or join the Beatrice Ryan Facebook CAL Group and posts are in the pinned area there.
  • What if I am behind? – You can get all of your daily historical temperatures on Weather.com and catch up!
  • Why are my stitch counts getting off? – Make sure when doing the fl dc that you don’t do your next bl sc in the stitch behind the fl dc. This will cause extra stitches.
  • Prizes? – Head to the Material List Post for all the info on the prizes

Here is the Magnetic Fridge Calendar for all of 2023 that I am using for record keeping… Easy to get on Amazon!!!

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan Chart

This is a broad range of colors and temperature guide you can use!

**Since my home town temperatures are within a range from lows of 10 degrees to highs of upper 90’s, I am going to use the daily average for myself. In order to use all of the yarn colors I purchased(25 colors), I have listed how I varied my temp chart increments. You can change yours up too if you like to get more or less colors. The above picture is just a suggestion of yarn colors and temperatures.

  • <24 White
  • 25-27 Light Gray
  • 28-30 Greybeard
  • 31-33 Soft Pink
  • 34-36 Pink
  • 37-39 Hot Rose
  • 40-42 Hot Orchid
  • 43-45 Mixed Berry
  • 46-48 Purple
  • 49-51 Navy
  • 52-53 Royal
  • 54-55 Peacock
  • 56-57 Turquoise
  • 58-59 Medium Blue
  • 60-61 Jelly Bean
  • 62-63 Limelight
  • 64-65 Buttercup
  • 66-67 Yellow
  • 68-69 Sungold
  • 70-71 Desert Glaze
  • 72-73 Burnt Pumpkin
  • 74-75 Red
  • 76-77 Fire Red
  • 78-79 Cranberry
  • 80> Auberine

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL Season 1 Day 5 Instructions

Today for me in Mt. Shasta California, it was very rainy and windy once again, there are avalanche warnings on the mountain, but this is a good start to help our drought situation … If you are not familiar with Mt Shasta, it is in California, right at the top by the Oregon border. It is 3500′ elevation in town and the mountain is well over 14000 feet. Today’s Low was 33 degrees, High was 44 degrees …. My color today for the average is 39 degrees, On my personalized chart that is Hot Rose, same as yesterday!

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan Day 5


  • Ch – Chain
  • St – Stitch
  • Bl – Back Loop
  • Fl – Front Loop
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • Dc – Double Crochet

We are using the tear stitch… Here is a link to a great YouTube Video that shows how to do this pattern. Keep in mind, She uses a 6 st repeat and I use a 7 stitch repeat. Click Here


Day 5/Row 5:  Ch 1, sc in 1st st, bl sc in next 2 sts, * fldc in next st 2 rows below, blsc in next 6 sts*, repeat *to* 27 more times, fldc in next st 2 rows below, blsc in next 4 sts, sc in last st. = 29 fldc , 2 sc & 174 blsc(all rows now will have this count). Finish off and Move to the RH side to join next color

That’s it for 2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan Season 1 Day 5, Basically you are just moving your tear stitch over one each day for 7 days… You should be able to really see how this is going to work!

Day 1 2023 Temp Afghan CAL

For Day 1/Row 1 instructions click here if you are just starting

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan day 2

For Day 2/Row 2 instructions click here!

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL

For Day 3/Row 3 instructions click here!

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan

For Day 4/Row4 instructions click here!

Join me back here tomorrow for Day 6/Row 6.. This is getting exciting, I am curious what my yarn color will be, I hope it falls in a new range!

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I hope you love this project!!  Finally, make sure to share your finished projects on my Beatrice Ryan Designs Facebook Page and make sure to share around social media too! Why share?? Because it shares our Love of Crochet!!

Happy Crocheting!!


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