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Christmas and Crochet-A-Long is just around the corner!!


Wow… Just 4 1/2 weeks and Christmas will be here!!! I better get going on my crochet projects… I need to keep my fingers working,,, This is the busiest season for crochet sales…  Hats are flying off the shelf… Once the season starts to change and we get chilly days, Hats are my biggest seller…  But, as far as  having a great variety, Children’s items are great too!  So this morning I started a great Sweet Baby Hoodie  by Bernat Design Studio, not only is it cute,,, but it is a free pattern… I would love to put a couple of these in the shop for Christmas shoppers!


baby sweater          wpid-IMG_20131123_093844_740-1.jpg

Sweet Baby Hoodie by Bernat Design Studio/My progress picture this morning


I also have started a pair of knitted socks for my daughter… Last year she asked me to make her a pair with Christmas Yarn… I didn’t have time last year,,, So I thought I would give it a try for this year… Several years ago I took a knitting class at the Jr College here for Sock Knitting… So much fun!  One of the best parts that came out of it (besides learning how to knit socks) was I got the job as an adjunct crochet teacher for the college… One of the best jobs I ever scored… Not only did I get to teach what I love,,, but I was paid a nice fee for it too!



My start of Knitted Christmas socks…


Another fun new part of Beatrice Ryan Designs… I opened  a CAL (Crochet A Long) group on Ravelry…  As you know,,, We are taking a vote for a Viewer’s Choice CAL starting in January 2014… If you are interested in the CAL,,, The pattern will be posted here each week starting in January  and you can cast your vote at the top of this page by clicking on the Crochet-A-Long tab,,,, And you also can follow along and be part of a large group over on Ravelry…  Click here to join in at Ravelry!

.crochet along ravelry


Have a great Weekend!!!!


Easter Granny Square Baby Blanket


It’s almost Easter and I couldn’t resist making another sweet Granny Baby Blanket….


When I was looking through my stash, trying to decide what to make next… I kept picking up these beautiful Eastery skeins of yarn!   Hmmm… What to make???  Well, if you have been following my recent posts about the Art Walk in our town you will remember that the store I sell my items is participating in the event… Alpine Originals carries handmade items that are created by local artist (me included).  This month their store’s theme for the Art Walk is children’s items, and I have been making quite a few.  I thought I was done with blankets,,, but no… this yarn kept calling me and my hook to get to work…


wpid-20130318_130901.jpg                              wpid-20130318_130928.jpg                                 wpid-20130318_131218.jpg


That’s not the only one though… I am almost done with the next baby blanket,,,  Am I obsessed with baby blankets or what???  The next one is a Camo Granny Square Blanket,,, It is about 3/4 done and I should have it complete just in time for this Friday’s Art Walk…  I will post a picture of it when it’s done…


So here is to Baby Blankets and Granny Squares….



Sunshine and Shells Baby Cocoon & Hat Set-Free Pattern

Sunshine and Shells Baby Cocoon & Hat Set-Free Pattern

Happy Tuesday! Finally, I got this pattern together to add to my FREE PATTERN library!  Super sweet and soft, these baby cocoons will swaddle a baby perfectly!  I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Sunshine and Shells Baby Cocoon & Hat Set

Sunshine and Shells Cocoon and Hat Set..

If you love this pattern then Please Add It To Your RAVELRY Favorites!!  Click Here…. 


Size:                      Newborn-3 Months

Materials:            Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn- 2 Skeins, 5 oz each or any soft worsted weight yarn desired.     

                              Crochet Hook, Size H or hook to obtain proper gauge

Shop for your yarn  and crochet supply needs at Michaels Craft Store Online!! Affiliate Link


Abbreviations:                       Ch-Chain              Sc-Single Crochet            Dc-Double Crochet          St-Stitch


Beginning Shell Pattern:      Ch 3, Skip 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts.

Shell Pattern:                         Dc in St, Skip 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next st, Skip next 2 Sts.

Gauge:                                     3”x 3” Shell Pattern Swatch = 2 Shell repeats x 5 Rows.


Note: Pattern is worked in the round and all joining stitches are joined to the beginning stitch.


Cocoon 24” x 18”

Make a Magic Ring.

Row 1: Ch 2 (Does not count as a stitch now and throughout), 12 Dc in Magic Ring, Join to beginning Dc. Pull Tail to tighten ring. = 12 Dc

Row 2: Ch 2, 2 Dc in each St around, Join to beginning. = 24 Dc

Row 3:  Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next St*, Repeat **around, Join. = 36 Dc.

Row 4: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 2 Sts*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 48 Dc

Row 5: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 3 Sts*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 60 Dc

Row 6: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 4 Sts *, Repeat ** around, Join. = 72 Dc

Row 7: Ch 2, * 2 Dc in first St, 1 Dc in next 5 Sts*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 84 Dc

Row 8: Chain 3 (Counts as 1st Dc now and  throughout), Skip next 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts (Beginning Shell Pattern made), *Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip next 2 Sts* Shell Pattern Made, Repeat** 13 times. Join to the top of Ch 3. = 14 Shell Pattern Repeats (including Beginning Shell Pattern).

Rows 9 – 31: Repeat row 8.

Row 32-33:  Ch 1 Sc around = 84 Sc

Row 34: Ch 1, *Sc in 4 Sts, Ch 3, Sc in same St (Picot Made)* Repeat Around, Join. Finish Off and Weave in ends  = 21 Picot



Hat   13” Circumference

Make Magic Ring

Row 1: Ch 1,  Sc 8 in Ring. Join. = 8 Sc

Row 2: Ch1, Sc in 1st St,* 3 Dc in next St, Sc in next St*. Repeat ** around, Join. = 4 sc, 4 Dc Clusters.

Row 3: Ch 3, Skip St, 5 Dc in next St, Skip St (Beginning Shell Pattern Made),* Dc in next St, Skip St, 5 Dc in next St, Skip St ( Shell Pattern Made)*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 4 Shell Pattern Repeats.

Row 4: Ch 3,  Skip 1 St,* 3 Dc in next  St, 1 Dc in next St, 3 Dc in next  St, Skip St ◊, Dc in next  St, Skip St*. Repeat ** around 4 times ending at ◊, Join. = 4 Repeats.

Row 5: Ch 3, Skip St,*5 Dc in next St, Skip St, Dc in next St, Skip St*, Repeat ** around, Join. = 8 Shell Pattern Repeats.

Row 6: Ch 3,* Skip 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Skip 2 Sts, Dc in next St* Repeat Around, Join. = 8 Shell Pattern Repeats

7.-9: Repeat Row 6

Row 10: Ch 1, Sc in each st around, Join.

Row 11: Ch 1 Turn, Sc in each around, Join. (This is the only round you turn)

Row 12: Ch 1, Reverse Sc in each St around, Join. Finish off and weave in ends.

Congratulations… You now have a beautiful Sunshine and Shells Cocoon Set!!

Sunshine & Shells Cocoon Set-White... Free Pattern Sunshine & Shells Cocoon Set... Free Pattern

Happy Crocheting!!



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