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Beatrice Ryan Designs Crochet-A-Long … Week 6

Thanks for participating for the last 5 weeks… The Afghans are looking amazing!!  Week 6 is  back to one of my favorite stitches… The TRC Twisted stitch!  Are you ready… Let’s get going!!!

week 6 Crochet a Long Free Pattern #Free #Pattern #Afghan #Crochet

Week 6 CAL

*Tip~ As always, make sure your stitch counts are the same Top/Bottom and Left/Right.

*Tip~ You can refer back to Week 3 instructions and pictures if you need to review the TRC Twisted Stitches.

Row 17:      Using one of your non neutral yarn colors, Join with Sl St to any “even” stitch from previous row.  Ch 4(Counts as Trc now and throughout), Trc in Previous stitch to create a Twisted Stitch Pair.* Skip next stitch, Trc in next stitch, Trc in Previous stitch(skipped stitch) to form Twisted Stitch Pair.  Repeat Twisted Stitch Pairs across to corner. 3 Trc in corner space*. Repeat * * around to past last corner. Continue with  Twisted Stitch Pairs until you reach the beginning Twisted Stitch Pair. Join to top of Ch 4. Finish off.

Row 18:     With Neutral Color join with Sl St in any stitch.  Ch 2 (Counts as Hdc), Hdc in each stitch around, Making 3 Hdc’s in the center stitch of each corner, (this will be in the 3rd Trc stitch in the previous round). Join with Sl St to Ch 2 and finish off.  * Make sure your stitch count has the same number of stitches on the top/bottom and also the same number of stitches on the right/left. This will be important to keep the afghan in an even rectangle.

Row 19:      Repeat Row 17 with another non neutral color.

Row 20:     Repeat row 18 with neutral color…

Now you are done with Week 6 and your afghan is really growing!!!  Just a few more weeks and we will have a full afghan!!    And for those of you who stick with it and finish your afghan within the  time frame… you will have a chance to win the Giveaway at the end of our CAL!!!  More details coming soon!!

week 6 crochet A long free pattern #Crochet #FreePattern

Happy Crocheting!!





The Blessing of Charity Crochet…

The last few months I have been so blessed to be a part of ELK Studio From the Heart!!!  Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs has put together a group that donates once a month to a designated charity…  Each month a different charity is chosen and all the items are sent in to help those in need…  This month we are donating to Halos of Hope… If you would like to participate in the future you can contact Kathy at [email protected]

This month I made only 4 hats for the charity… But I love these hats,,, Great Patterns and if you would like to make any of these… I have the link for the patterns below each picture!!

Charity Crochet Hats... Free Patterns!!

February Charity Donation to Halos of Hope!!


Surface Braid #Crochet Hat... #FreePattern     Surface Braid #Crochet Hat... #FreePattern

Surface Braid Hat… Click Here for the link!


Country Appeal Hat... #FreeCrochet #Pattern

Country Appeal Hat… Click Here for the link!!


Morning Frost Hat... #FreePattern #Crochet

Morning Frost Hat…Click Here for the link!!

Don’t forget to check in on Facebook tomorrow at 5 pm EST for our Crochet-A-Long “Show and Tell” ,,, We will see some amazing pictures!!!!

Happy Crocheting!





Beatrice Ryan Designs Crochet-A-Long Week 5

Wow… Amazing!  Week 5 already and our Afghans are really taking shape!!  This has been a wonderful week,,,  I am celebrating my 1 year blogversary,,, Released a New Free Crochet Pattern~Winter’s Twist Headband and Having a great time with our CAL!!!  Thanks so much for joining me here and  Loving Crochet!!!

week 5

So here we go… Week 5 CAL Afghan Pattern…

*Tip~ You will want to make sure that you have the same number of stitches Top/Bottom and Right/Left.

*Tip~ You will continue working your afghan turning the work after each row.

*Tip~ For Row 16 it will be very important that each side of your afghan has an “even” amount of stitches between the corner spaces… This with be necessary for week 6 to turn out correctly!!

*Puff Stitch~ YO, insert hook in stitch, pull up loop, *YO, Insert hook in same stitch, Pull up loop*, Repeat 2 more times, Yo and draw yarn through all 9 loops. You will be Sc in the next stitch to lock in the Puff Stitch.

puff stitch

Row 12:     With Right Side facing, Join your neutral yarn with Sl St to any corner space.  Ch 3(Counts as Dc), 2 Dc, Ch 2, 3 Dc all in the same corner space. *Dc in the  next stitch and each stitch across to the next corner space, 3 Dc, Ch 2, 3 Dc in corner space*. Repeat * * around. Join with Sl St to beginning Ch 3. finish off.

Row 13:     Turn, With Wrong Side Facing, Join contrasting color with Sl St to any corner, Sc in next 2 stitches (Not in corner), [*Puff St, Sc 3*, Repeat * * across to corner, 5 Sc in corner space, Sc in next 2 stitches], Repeat [  ] around. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. Finish Off.  Make sure you have the same number of Puff Stitches Top/Bottom & Right/Left.

Row 14:     Turn, With Right Side Facing, Join with new color in any stitch.  Ch 3, Dc across to corner stitch (Middle stitch of 5 corner Sc), *Dc,Ch 2, Dc all in the corner stitch, Dc across to next corner*, Repeat * * around to beginning Ch 3. Join with Sl St to beginning Ch 3. Finish Off.

Row 15:    Repeat Row 13

Row 16:     Turn, With Right Side Facing, Join with neutral color to any stitch.  Ch 3  *Dc across to Corner Stitch (3rd Sc of 5 corner Sc), Skip Corner Stitch, Ch 2, Dc in next St*, Repeat * * around. Join to beginning Ch 3. Finish Off.  **Make sure each side of your afghan has even amounts of Dc… See Tips**

Congratulations… Another Week done and your afghan is looking wonderful!!

week 5 corner

Happy Crocheting!!!






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