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Custom Decorating with Crochet… The easy way to choose yarn colors!!

Custom Decorating with Crochet… The easy way to choose yarn colors!!

Now that the 2017 Crochet with Me – Crochet Along is done… I thought I would give you a tip on how I chose my colors!!  It is fun and an easy way to get inspiration for your crochet projects for your home!

As I was preparing to move into  my new home recently, I was out shopping each payday for things to fill my home!  I found so many things that had bright and cheery colors. I decided this year~ I would design the Mystery Afghan to add to my new decor! This is the best when decorating your bachelor pad as it is a simple solution. Below you will see a stylish ottoman/stool in fun colors and a whimsical pattern. The day I bought this, I decided to match up my yarn colors to this accessory.

Off I went with ottoman in hand to buy my yarn… It was so easy!  In just a few minutes I matched the 6 colors needed for this years afghan and I was out the door, almost to0 easy! This years afghan is in the bottom of the pile… but all 3 end up  matching the ottoman!  I must like bright colors… LOL!

So next time you are having a hard time choosing your colors for a project… Grab something that will be with the finished project and take it with you to buy yarn!  Or if it’s to big… take a few pictures…

Let the style of paid designers do the work for you!  You will start noticing trends… Home decor designers and yarn companies tend to be on the same track…

Happy Crocheting!!


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