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Crochet With Me… Winter 2015 CAL~ Week 1

Crochet With Me… Winter 2015 CAL~ Week 1

Beatrice Ryan Designs ~Crochet with Me… Winter CAL is now starting!!

I am so excited to share with you the first part of our Crochet with Me.. CAL Afghan design!!  You voted for a surprise design and this one will surely be that!!! I am really loving the way this Retro Style Afghan is coming along!!  So,,, Let’s go over some of the details,,, Then~ Week 1 Instructions!!

*Each Sunday I will post an assigned amount of crochet, hopefully just enough to keep you moving forward to complete our project in a timely manner,,, But not too much to discourage you from finishing!!

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Are you ready to get started??  Let’s get Crocheting!!

This surprise design afghan will be using basic crochet techniques and a beginner/intermediate level.  There will be several design elements and some really fun, colorful stitching going on!  I am making 2 Afghans… I wanted to try self striping yarn for one and the other will be traditional color changing…

Below are Week 1’s Progress pictures… What do you think??  Don’t worry,,, It isn’t a Granny Square Afghan,,, But it does have quite a few of them in the design… In a couple of weeks… You will see how this afghan design begins to unfold… I think you will be surprised and very happy with what we will be doing!!

Winter CAL Week 1 Impeccable
     This week 1 progress picture of my first afghan is a Circle in Square using the traditional color changing technique.  I used Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn.  It is soft  and  nice to work with and I loved the color results!!










Winter CAL Week 1 Unforgettable

For the Second afghan, I used Red Heart Unforgettable in Polo,,,  It is a self-striping yarn and is very soft!  Less weaving in the ends and it has a more gradual color change… I love this one too!!










Week 1 Crochet with Me… Winter 2015 CAL Instructions:

Materials list ~ Click Here for last weeks post.


St ~ Stitch     Ch ~ Chain     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Hdc ~ Half Double Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet    Trc – Triple Crochet     Dtrc – Double Triple Crochet.    Sl St ~ Slip Stitch


Circle in Square ~ Make 5 Squares this week

Each Square should measure approx. 6″ x 6″.

* If using Self~Striping Yarn you will Crochet rows 1-5 with out changing colors, Row 6 will be your Border Color

*If using Multiple Color Yarns and traditionally changing, You will change color each Row 1-5 and end with Row 6 using the Border Color.

Row 1:  Ch4, 9 Dc in the 4th Ch from hook (The first 3 chains count as a Dc), Join with Sl St to top of Beginning Ch. = 10 Dc

Row 2:  Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and throughout), Dc in the same St as Beginning, 2 Dc in each St around. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 20 Dc

Row 3:  Ch 3, Dc in same St, Dc in the next St, *2 Dc in the next St, Dc in the next St*, Repeat * * around. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 30 Dc

Row 4:  Ch 3, Dc in same St, Dc in the next 2 Sts, * 2 Dc in the next St, Dc in the next 2 Sts*, Repeat * * Around. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 40 Sc

Row 5:  Ch1, Sc in the same St, Sc in the next St, *Hdc in the next 2 Sts, Dc in the next St, (Trc, Dtrc, Trc) all in the next St(Corner Made), Dc in next St, Hdc in the next 2 Sts, Sc in the next 3 Sts*, Repeat * * around 3 more times, ending with a Sc in the last St (Instead of Sc in next 3 Sts), Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. Finish off = 48 Sts

Row 6: Change to Border Color, Join to any Dtrc with Sl St, Ch 1, 3 Sc in the same St(this makes a corner), Sc in the next 11 Sts, *3 Sc in the next St, Sc in the next 11 Sts*, Repeat * * 2 more times. Join to beginning with Sl St. =56 Sc Finish off.

Congratulations… You now have a Circle in a Square!!

Make sure to complete 5 of these squares this week…  Thank you for joining in the Fun!!!!

And… please come share your pictures Wednesday on Facebook or on our group Pinterest Page!!

Happy Crocheting!!


*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post these patterns and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

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