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The heart of a Crocheter… Donating handmade work to those in need!!

The heart of a Crocheter… Donating handmade work to those in need!!

Donating your crocheted work to those in need!

You can donate so many wonderful crochet items to so many causes…  I have compiled a list of 10 places to donate your work!!

A couple of years ago, I rounded up donations for  Crochet for Cancer… So many beautiful items were donated as you can see below!!

As many of you know, my Amazing Grace Free Pattern series is dedicated to breast cancer awareness and you can find all of those patterns at the top of the page…


But what do you do with all the items you make that don’t have a home to go to?? Or like many of us Crocheter’s, we are generous and would love a cause to donate to… Below are a few great ideas of where to donate your item and a guide on how to prepare your donations!!


10 Places to donate your crochet items

  1. Crochet For Cancer – is a Christian volunteer based non-profit that donates handmade chemo caps to cancer centers for patients coping with hair loss.
  2. Local Cancer facilities… In most areas, you can find a local cancer treatment center that may take donations…
  3. NICU Facilities – A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), also known as an intensive care nursery (ICN), is an intensive care unit specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. *you can find these centers in larger areas and these babies need preemie hats!!! and blankets too!!
  4. Homeless Shelters – With winter around the corner, homeless shelters are a great place to donate all types of crochet goods… Hats and Scarves are truly a blessing to these folks!
  5. Retirement Homes/Care Facilities – Blankets, shawls and much more could be a blessing for older people confined to bed or wheelchairs
  6. Local Schools – Some schools in may be willing to let the children wear donated hats and scarves… This is a school by school basis.
  7. VA Hospitals – Donate to those who served us and now need a little tender loving care!!! You can find a list of state by state by clicking here!!
  8. Operation Gratitude – For those in the military who are actively serving!
  9. Crochet for Charity (a part of the Crochet Guild of America) – CGOA provides a large list of places you can donate items…
  10. Donate to those in your neighborhood… Look around as you pass your neighbors… Maybe someone close to you could use a hat, scarf or blanket!!

How to prepare your items for donation

  1. For items donated to Cancer Patients, Hospitals and Children- you should use a soft yarn cotton or acrylic, pet free environment, no perfumes or anything else scented.
  2. For homeless shelters any fiber is ok, please make sure your items are new and clean
  3. For all donations, you should package them neatly and enclose a note.
  4. Check back often with the facilities you donate too to see if they need specific sizes or colors
  5. Enjoy the blessing of donating to others!!

Happy Crocheting!!



Beatrice Ryan Designs… Over 45 Free Crochet Patterns!!

Beatrice Ryan Designs… Over 45 Free Crochet Patterns!!

If you haven’t checked out my Free Crochet Pattern Page…  I have now have 45 Free Crochet Patterns including Headbands, Hats, Scarves, Shawls, Fingerless Gloves, Baby Blankets, Totes and Home Accessories!!   Many of these Free Crochet Patterns are from my Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series... Dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness!!  And on my Crochet With Me ~ Crochet A Long Page... I have designed 2 full size afghans!!

Here are some of my favorites!!

Free Crochet Patterns

More Free Patterns coming very soon!!!

Happy Crocheting!!



Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… We have a Winner!!!

Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… We have a Winner!!!

The Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive was a huge success!!!  So many great projects were sent in and the generosity brought tears to my eyes!!!  We met our goal of 250 items to donate to Crochet For Cancer!!


Amazing Grace Prize Package Giveaway

Find out who won this fun Prize Package….

To start off… I want to personally thank each and everyone who participated and all of you who are donating on your own!!!  I would like to start by showing all the pictures I took of the great items!!!  But,,, Keep scrolling down to see who the winner is!!!  And maybe next year it will be you!!!

All of these items will be sent to various chapters of Crochet For Cancer… They are very excited and thankful for all of these items!!!!!


Ok… Here we go!


250 items to donate to Crochet for Cancer!!!


Adult Hats


Baby and  Children’s Items




Ruffle Scarves Rolled into Rosettes..




Hats with Flowers


Fun Hats with Curly Toppers


Animal Hats


Prayer Shawls…


Amazing Grace Hats with Sparkle!!


Adult to Preemie Hats


Hats with Flowers


Amazing Grace Hat and Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie Hat


Children’s Striped Hats


Fancy Slouchy Hats…


Baby Sets…


Lots of great Baby and Children’s Items


Cocoon and Hat Set for Infant’s

Wasn’t that amazing!!!  So many great items!!!  Now,,, On to our winner…

I assigned each item a number and then used an online number randomizer to pick the winner’s number!!!  Are you ready??


Enter a lower limit:          1
Enter an upper limit:    250
Random Number:         122


Using this number randomizer we now have a winner!!!!

D. Stout 1-53, 66-125, 143-229 ****Winner with Random number 122**
A. Vo 54-57
V. Burdell 58-65
C. Calderon 126-128
D. Pozner 129-132
V. Scott 133-134
L. Mann 135
C. Adams 136-139
Ashley ? 140-142
P Peterson 230-238
Me 239-250

I will be in contact with the winner to get your prize package mailed out!!  Congratulations!!


Thank you all for participating and I encourage all of you to keep paying it forward by donating your finished items to those who are suffering and recovering from any life circumstance!!!  Please keep enjoying my free patterns and stay tuned for many more to come!!


Happy Crocheting!!


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