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Northern Nights Scarf… New Free Crochet Pattern!!

Northern Nights Scarf… New Free Crochet Pattern!!

Twinkling like the stars in the Northern Skies….  This Beautiful Crochet Scarf is an easy Free Pattern to whip up in one weekend!!!  Just in time for your Holiday Parties… This Northern Nights Scarf will make your special outfit shine!!!

Northern Nights Scarf

Northern Nights Scarf

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This one of a kind Crochet Scarf measures 10″ x 75″ blocked


Yarn ~ 404 Yards Fancy Worsted Weight Yarn (Pictured above in Red Heart Swanky in Sterling, 2 Balls)

Hook ~ I

Scissors and Yarn Needle


St ~ Stitch      Ch ~ Chain     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet

Special Stitches:

V Stitch ~ Dc, Ch 1, Dc all in the same stitch

Bobble Stitch ~ YO, Draw up a loop 3 times all in the same stitch, YO and pull yarn through all 7 loops on hook.


Northern Nights Scarf Free Crochet Pattern


Chain 216

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and each across. = 215 Sc

Row 2:  Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and through out), Turn, Skip 1 St, V St in next St, * Skip 2 Sts, V St in next St*, Repeat * * across to last 2 Sts, Skip 1 St, Dc in last St. = 71 V Sts and 2 Dc

Row 3:  Ch 3 Turn, V St in the center of each V St from the previous row, Dc in last St. = 71 V St and 2 Dc

Row 4:  Repeat Row 3

Row 5:  Ch 1, Turn, Sc in the 1st 2 Sts, *Bobble St in center of V St from previous row, Sc in next 2 Sts*, Repeat * * across to end. = 71 Bobble Sts and 144 Sc.

Row 6:  Ch 3, Turn, Skip next St, *V St in next St(top of Bobble St), Skip 2 Sts*, Repeat * * Across. = 71 V Sts, 2 Dc Sts

Rows 7-8: Repeat Row 3

Row 9: Repeat Row 5

Row 10:  Repeat Row 6

Row 11-12:  Repeat Row 3

Row 13:  Repeat Row 5

Row 14: Repeat Row 6

Row 15-16:  Repeat Row 3

Row 17:  Repeat Row 5

Row 18:  Repeat Row 6

Row 19-20:  Repeat Row 3

Row 21:  Ch 1, Turn, Sc in each St across. = 215 Sc

Finish off, Weave ends in.

Block Scarf using either the Wet Blocking Method or Steam Blocking Method.


Congratulations… You are now ready to enjoy your Northern Nights Scarf!!

Northern Nights Scarf 2

**Tip ~  You can continue in the pattern stitching repeating Row 3 twice, Row 5 and Row 6 to make this Northern Nights Scarf wider and into a Shawl!!!!


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