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Crochet With Me.. Winter 2015 CAL!!  Week 5

Crochet With Me.. Winter 2015 CAL!! Week 5

Come and Crochet with Me!!!  I hope you are enjoying this unique afghan Crochet A Long!!  It’s Retro, Fun and Easy to make, so if you are just joining in… No Problem!

We are now on week 5 and about half way done…  This week we are working on the middle strip and  in the next few weeks, we will be finishing up and getting the edging done!!  Are you ready to see what it looks like??  Let’s get started!


Crochet with Me… Week 5

Week 5 CAL Impeccable Collage

Here is my Progress Picture using Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn…


Week 5 CAL Unforgettable Collage

Here is my Progress Picture using Red Heart Unforgettable…


So are you now ready for this weeks assignment??

This week it is very simple (once again)!  We will be working a Color Block Strip!!  Below I will give you the stitch counts and color tips…

Week 5 Assignment and Instructions:


If you are using Traditional Color Changes you will divide the total rows by how many colors you are working with and that will give you the a good idea of how many rows to make in each color… But you can change as often as you like to make your middle strip unique!

If you are using Self-Striping yarn… No Worries!!  Let the yarn do the work for you!!

Strip measures approx. 10″ wide(yes, wider than the previous strips)  and you will work the length of your previous strips… Approx 115 Rows

Remember… Your strip will grow with the weight of the finished strip… So the first half of the strip may seem a little short, but it will be fine when you are done. You can add or subtract a couple of rows if needed at the end.


Using an I hook (or the hook you have been using), Chain 31.

Row 1:  Hdc in the 3rd Ch from hook and each Ch across. = 30 Hdc

Row 2:  Ch 2(counts as Hdc now and throughout), Turn, Hdc in each St across. = 30 Hdc

Row 3- 115:  Repeat Row 2

Finish Off.


Yay.!!!!  Week 5 is done!!  I hope you have loved this and now you can see how this afghan is all fitting together!!

Don’t forget…. Wednesday evening 6pm PST is our Facebook Show and Tell… Post your pictures and lets chat about this CAL!!  See you then!!

Happy Crocheting!!




Sands of Time Scarf…

Sands of Time Scarf…

To celebrate my 2 year Blogversary… I created this fun and easy to make crochet scarf!!!  Using self-striping yarn and working with an easy stitch pattern to achieve a rolling effect,,, The Sands of Time Scarf is elegant and  fashionable all year-long!!  It is light-weight enough for spring, but warm enough to keep you warm on a chilly winters day!!

Sands of Time Scarf

Sands of Time Scarf

If you love this scarf… You can add it to your Ravelry Favorites… Click Here!!


Worsted Weight ~ Self-Striping Yarn 425 yards

Pictured above using Red Heart Unforgettable in Cappuccino. 1 1/2 skeins used
Buy it now!!

Hook ~ I

2 Large Beads (optional) for top of Tassle




St ~ Stitch     Ch ~ Chain     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Hdc ~ Half Double Crochet



You will be increasing  at one end of the scarf and Decreasing at the opposite end to get this fun bias roll effect.

To make this scarf wider, thinner, more or less bulky you can adjust your beginning chain to any width you desire

To make the scarf shorter or longer you can adjust the finished row amount

You will be working in Back Loops for every row



From tip to tip not including the tassels ~ length  85″  and the width when laid flat  7″


Ch 46

Row 1: Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and each across. = 45 Sc

Work in Back Loops in every row

Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as Hdc now and throughout), Turn, Hdc in the same St as the beginning Ch(This will make an increase), Hdc in the next 43 Sts. Leaving the last St unworked(this will make the decrease. 45 Hdc

Row 3:  Turn, Sl St in first 2 Sts (Make sure to get the very 1st St, these 2 Sl Sts are the decrease), Ch 1, Sc in same St as 2nd Sl St, Sc in next 42 Sts, 2 Sc in the  last St (this will be in the top of the Ch 2 from the prev row, this is an increase). = 45 Sc

Continue working Rows 2 &  3 until your scarf reaches the desired length. I did a total of 117 rows and ended with a Sc row.  Finish off.

Add a tassel to each end if desired.

Here is a quick tutorial on How to Make a Tassel out of yarn…  Tassel Making

I added a fun bead to the top of my tassel for fun!



And of course… Charlie wouldn’t miss his chance to get in on the action while I was doing the photo shoot… He loves a celebration and  pictures..

Charlie and Sands of Time


Thank you all for hanging out with me and joining in the fun over the last 2 years!!

Happy Crocheting!!


Crochet with Me… Winter 2015 CAL!!  Week 4

Crochet with Me… Winter 2015 CAL!! Week 4

Crocheting afghans are one of my favorite things to work on!!  This Crochet with Me… Winter 2015 CAL is turning out to be really fun!!  Seeing this Retro Afghan come together is making me jump for joy on the inside,,,  How about you??

Winter CAL Collage week 4

Week 4 Progress Picture in Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn

Winter CAL RH week 4 collageWeek 4 Progress Picture in Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

If you are working on this CAL, I hope you are enjoying it too… It’s not to late to join in, Just head to the top of the page to the Crochet with me tab and get the first 3 week’s assignments… It is easy to catch up!!

This week we are working on 2 things… First, we will be finishing off the ends of our Chevron strip from last week… We want it to be squared off so it is ready when we begin joining our strips in a few weeks… Second,,, We will be making another fun, retro style strip!!!  So let’s get started!!

 Week 4 Assignment and Instructions:

To start off this week get your Chevron Strip out and let’s finish it off!!

*If using Traditional Color Changing Method, Choose a color in your sequence for the top and bottom edge.

*If using Self Striping Yarn you will just join your yarn


St ~ Stitch     Sl St ~ Slip Stitch     Sk ~ Skip     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Hdc ~ Half Double Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet


Top Edge:

Chevron top

1: With Top Edge up… Join with Sl St to the 1st St on the top right. Working across  in each stitch.

2: Ch 3(counts as Dc), Dc, Hdc, Sc, Sc, Sk St, Sc, Sc, Hdc, Dc, Dc, Dc, Dc, Hdc, Sc, Sc, Sk St, Sc, Sc, Hdc, Dc, Dc. Finish off = 20 Sts

Bottom Edge:

Chevron end

1: With Bottom Edge facing up, Join with Sl St to 1st St on Right, Working across in each stitch.

2; Your beginning Sl St counts as the first St, Sc, Sc, Hdc, Dc, Dc, Dc, Hdc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Hdc, Dc, Dc, Dc, Hdc, Sc, Sc.Finish Off = 20 Sts

Done with your Chevron Strip for now!

Week 4 Striped Strip:

*If working in Traditional  Color Changing Method, you can change colors as desired. You can use my picture as a reference.

*If working with Self Striping yarn, Let the yarn just do the work for you!!

Tip… When you initially start this strip it may seem shorter that your other strips.  Don’t worry… Crochet grows!  When you get all the rows done and your lay it out… it will be approx. the same length and width. You can block it if necessary.

Ch 145

Row 1: Dc in 3rd Ch from Hook(Counts as DC) and each Chain across. = 143 Dc

Row 2: Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), Turn, Dc in each St across. = 143 Dc

Row 3-9: Repeat Row 2

Finish off.

Now your are done with Week 4 Striped Strip!!!  Easy!!


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Happy Crocheting!!


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