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Crochet With Me… Week 9 CAL!!!

Crochet With Me… Week 9 CAL!!!

I love to crochet afghans!!!  This Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket is one of my favorites too… And, apparently my daughters too!!  She came home from college and when she saw it as I was crocheting away,,, She fell in love with it and asked if she could have it!!  Luckily it wasn’t finished,, You may be wondering why I said that,,  I think I want to keep it for myself,,, and it wont be done in time for her to steal to take back during this break…lol!!

I hope you are enjoying yours as we are finishing up the last few rows… It will be ready to wrap up in just in time for the holidays!!  Maybe you will be giving yours as a gift!!  Below is my Week 8 CAL progress picture.. 20 color sections finished and only a few more to go!!  If you would like to make this Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket,,, We are following a pattern from A Creative Being!!  She has lots of great crochet, so hop over and check her site out!!


Week 9 CAL

Week 9 Crochet With Me CAL assignment…….

Since it is a big shopping week and getting close to Christmas… Lets do 2 more sections and see where this leaves us!! You will have 22 color sections complete at the end of week 9…  I think after this week it will only take a couple more rows to finish up… Yippee!!!  Don’t forget to email your progress pictures to me so we can all see!!

Stay tuned for a poll in next weeks post to vote for our next CAL…. We will be starting the next project right after the 1st of the new year!!

Happy Crocheting!!



Crochet With Me!!  Week 8 Crochet~Along….

Crochet With Me!! Week 8 Crochet~Along….

Week 8 Crochet With Me is now really turning into a fun CAL!!  Our Crochet A Long Afghan is really looking like the real thing!!!  I hope you are enjoying this simple, classic, Free Crochet Pattern!

Here is my Week 8 progress picture… What do you think??  17 color segments of our Vintage Ripple Fan Blanket done and I am well on my way to a completed afghan!  This pattern is a vintage pattern that has been re worked by our friend at A Creative Being… You can hop over and get all the instructions by clicking here

 week 8


How is yours coming along??? Shoot me an email with a progress picture!!  I would love to see and share!!

Week 9 Crochet With Me Assignment…

  • Lets get this thing done!!  This week let do 3 Color sections… that will bring us up to 20 color segments!  I can’t wait to see it at the end of the week!!
  • To get all the Crochet With Me weekly assignments… Click on the Crochet With Me tab at the top of the page!!
  • In the next couple weeks… I will be posting a poll for you to vote for our next Crochet With Me Project… So stay tuned!!


Happy Crocheting!


Crochet With Me…  Week 7 CAL!

Crochet With Me… Week 7 CAL!

Welcome back to Beatrice Ryan Designs Weekly Crochet~A~Long Segment!!

Weeks 1-6 … We have made our way through the first 15 rows of this great Vintage Ripple Fan Afghan by A Creative Being…  Make sure to hop over and check out her blog and get the Free instructions!!

My afghan is really taking shape quickly!!!  I am thinking only  8-10 more color segments and I will be happy with the size!!  That means I may be done by Thanksgiving!! Yippee…

Here is what my first 6 weeks looks like!!

Week 7 Crochet with Me

Here is a great photo from one of our participants…  I love how she is just using 2 colors!!!!


Week 7 Crochet With Me assignment…  Let’s do 2 rows this week so we don’t burn out!  This will take you through 16-17 color segements!!  We are getting so close!!

In the next couple weeks I will be having a poll right here so we can choose our next afghan for our 2nd Crochet With Me series!!!  So stay tuned and make sure to get your vote in when you see it!!

For past Crochet With Me posts, you can click on the tab at the top of the page… Join in anytime!!!  And don’t forget to share your photos with us,,, email me at [email protected]!!

Happy Crocheting!!


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