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Crocheting the weekend away!

Just a couple evenings and 12 squares done….

Like I said, I am a little obsessed with my favorite hobby!  Luckily this pattern is easy enough to work on while watching TV…


Last night we watched SKYFALL… Great movie and Daniel Craig is a dream!  A little action… a little tragedy… and some great views of let’s just say… alot of people (007) and places (cool Estate called Skyfall).


12 squares

Sunburst Granny Squares by Pricilla’s Crochet on ravelry


Tonight I hope to get a few more squares done… Back to the weekly grind tomorrow and I have to work on a few items for Alpine Originals (A cute little store I our community that I sell my crochet).  So here is to Crocheting the Weekend Away!


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