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Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy…

Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy…


This pattern is one of my favorites… a Coffee Cozy…  Yes, it is cute… But- Even better- they really do keep my coffee warmer longer…


Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy- Free Pattern



By Beatrice Ryan Designs



Worsted Weight Yarn, 50 Yards Approximately

Crochet Hook, H


Yarn Needle

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Magic Ring- Great Tutorial at Petals to Picots Click here to check it out!

Single Crochet-SC,     Triple Crochet-TRC,   Slip Stitch Sl St,      Chain-Ch,      Stitch- St,      Skip-Sk



Make Magic Ring, Ch 1, SC 8 in Ring, Join to beginning with Sl St. tighten ring. =8 Sc

Working in the round.

Row 1- Ch 1, 2 Sc in 1st St and in each around. Join to beginning with Sl St. =16 Sc

Row 2- Ch 1, *2 Sc in St, Sc in next Sts.* Repeat around, Join. =24 Sc

Row 3- Ch 1, *2 Sc in St, Sc in next 2 Sts.* Repeat around, Join. = 32 Sc

Row 4- Ch 1, Sc in back loop of each Sc around, Join. = 32 Sc

Working Across Rows

Row 5- Ch 1, Sc in next 30 Sts (Leaving 2 unworked), Do not join. Ch 1, Turn. =30 Sc

Row 6-8; Sc Across, Ch 1, Turn. = 30 Sc in each row.

Row 9- Ch 3, Sk next St, *TRC in next st, TRC in Previous Sk St (Creating an X), Sk next unworked St*, Repeat 13 Times, DC in Last St. = 13 TRC X Sts and 2 DC(including Ch 3).

Row 10-14; Ch 1, Turn. Sc across in each St. = 30 Sc

Row 15-Ch 1, Sc evenly down edge of row and across to the top of the other side. Sc across top of cozy to last sc, 3 Sc in last Sc. Ch 14, Join with Sl St to base of 3 Sc (Forming a loop). Fasten off, Weave ends in.

Attach Button to opposite corner from loop using same color yarn.


*To make a larger mug cozy add an additional row working in the round after row 3, increasing 6 Sc evenly around. Add an additional Row at the top of cozy . = 16 rows

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Crocheting the weekend away!

Just a couple evenings and 12 squares done….

Like I said, I am a little obsessed with my favorite hobby!  Luckily this pattern is easy enough to work on while watching TV…


Last night we watched SKYFALL… Great movie and Daniel Craig is a dream!  A little action… a little tragedy… and some great views of let’s just say… alot of people (007) and places (cool Estate called Skyfall).


12 squares

Sunburst Granny Squares by Pricilla’s Crochet on ravelry


Tonight I hope to get a few more squares done… Back to the weekly grind tomorrow and I have to work on a few items for Alpine Originals (A cute little store I our community that I sell my crochet).  So here is to Crocheting the Weekend Away!


Granny Is On The Way!

Granny Is On The Way!

Ahhh…. The weekend!  Last night I started my new Sunburst Granny Square Blanket.

If you’re like me, Crochet may be an obsession….  I worked for a couple of hours and Voila’… 60 Granny Squares are on the way!  This was an easy pattern to work up… If you want a “Granny” to come your way, you can find the pattern on ravelry.com- Sunburst Granny Squares, by Priscilla’s Crochet.


This is my first nights work…


These are three of my favorites, so far…


Six complete of the  Sixty,,, 10% done : )

     Well, it’s Saturday night and I think it’s time for a movie with the family and a little crocheting!  We are going to watch Skyfall, and what girl doesn’t want to watch Daniel Craig???  I’ll let you know what I think… So this Granny has to get going on her Granny’s…lol!  Yes, I have two wonderful grandkids… they get a lot of what I crochet… But remember,,,,  This project is for me (so far)…


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