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Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy…

Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy…


This pattern is one of my favorites… a Coffee Cozy…  Yes, it is cute… But- Even better- they really do keep my coffee warmer longer…


Twisted Stitches Coffee Cozy- Free Pattern



By Beatrice Ryan Designs



Worsted Weight Yarn, 50 Yards Approximately

Crochet Hook, H


Yarn Needle

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Magic Ring- Great Tutorial at Petals to Picots Click here to check it out!

Single Crochet-SC,     Triple Crochet-TRC,   Slip Stitch Sl St,      Chain-Ch,      Stitch- St,      Skip-Sk



Make Magic Ring, Ch 1, SC 8 in Ring, Join to beginning with Sl St. tighten ring. =8 Sc

Working in the round.

Row 1- Ch 1, 2 Sc in 1st St and in each around. Join to beginning with Sl St. =16 Sc

Row 2- Ch 1, *2 Sc in St, Sc in next Sts.* Repeat around, Join. =24 Sc

Row 3- Ch 1, *2 Sc in St, Sc in next 2 Sts.* Repeat around, Join. = 32 Sc

Row 4- Ch 1, Sc in back loop of each Sc around, Join. = 32 Sc

Working Across Rows

Row 5- Ch 1, Sc in next 30 Sts (Leaving 2 unworked), Do not join. Ch 1, Turn. =30 Sc

Row 6-8; Sc Across, Ch 1, Turn. = 30 Sc in each row.

Row 9- Ch 3, Sk next St, *TRC in next st, TRC in Previous Sk St (Creating an X), Sk next unworked St*, Repeat 13 Times, DC in Last St. = 13 TRC X Sts and 2 DC(including Ch 3).

Row 10-14; Ch 1, Turn. Sc across in each St. = 30 Sc

Row 15-Ch 1, Sc evenly down edge of row and across to the top of the other side. Sc across top of cozy to last sc, 3 Sc in last Sc. Ch 14, Join with Sl St to base of 3 Sc (Forming a loop). Fasten off, Weave ends in.

Attach Button to opposite corner from loop using same color yarn.


*To make a larger mug cozy add an additional row working in the round after row 3, increasing 6 Sc evenly around. Add an additional Row at the top of cozy . = 16 rows

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  1. These cozies are so cute! I definitely need to make one from your pattern. Thank you also for linking to my tutorial 🙂

  2. Love this design!

  3. Thank you for so much for the shout out to my site!


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